Books & Signings

I’ll start with the signings.

King of Prussia, PA. Short Hills, NJ and New York City, NY.

Three cities in three days…


… and full of fun.


… and meeting lots of great people.


This is Esther. … I love putting faces with the people that I’ve emailed with. She makes the cutest little wire whisk necklaces.

You must check them out.


… King of Prussia had lots of little cutie pies in the store.


Lots of them.




Including these charmers. So cute in their matching tees.


Even the Williams-Sonoma folks joined in on the fun. This is Brian and Mandy. Loved them.


Then in Short Hills, I met more wonderful people. These folks welcomed me with smiling faces.


And cute cupcakes. The lovely young lady in the pink scarf above made these. We may or may not have shared a cry.


This is Melanie. She’s a Pop Star of the Star Wars variety. Check em out.


Look at these two. Stylish. Both of them.


And these two. Smiling and having a great time, despite getting in a little car accident on the way to the signing.

So glad no one was hurt.


I love these photos. Trying to get everyone to look at the same camera at the same time is easier than it sounds.


Side wave.

Bye New Jersey.


Hello New York.

Again… everyone was so fun.


Including their sweetly painted fingernails.


Families came out together.


And young bakers did, too. This is Kaira. Another Pop Star.


And here’s Nora. If you remember seeing the Cupcake Kabobs all over the web… well, she started that.


Laughter all around.


And look – it’s Rachel from Cupcakes Take The Cake. I was so glad to finally meet her. If you love cupcakes and you don’t know about this site, or you’ve been under a rock, let me introduce you.

New York was a fantastic way to end the Book tour – or so I thought.

There will be one more recap and then that’s it.

I hear a bunch of you cheering because that finally means more baking … right?! YAY! YAY! YAY!

Anyway… Toronto is coming up this weekend. And it turns out I’ll be at two locations.

If you’re in Toronto, and can’t make the Williams-Sonoma signing on Saturday, I’ll also be at Teatro Verde at 4:30 pm on Friday. Hope to meet you guys.

And as usual… if you attended a signing and see your photo in one of the slideshows below, feel free to use it. Thanks again for making the tour so much fun.


Okay, okay … that was the signings.

Now for the books.


I’m giving away ten of them. Ten Cake Pops books. And signed if you like.

  • To enter for a chance to win one, just leave a comment on this blog post and tell me what holiday treat you can’t wait to eat.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, December 1st at 5:00 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winners will be announced below.
  • Ten (10) winners will be chosen at random and announced by the end of the week.

Good luck guys!

Okay – Here they are. Here are the 10 Cake Pops Book Winners. Yay!


835 – Betty-Ann – …any one of my husband’s authentic, hazelnutty, German Christmas cookies…love, love, love them!

3987 – Leigh McGilvray – I can’t wait to eat mincemeat pies this holiday season! My mum just sent me the recipe so I can make them for the first time : ) I know the smell will remind me of home.

738 – trifitmom – pecan bars i make, yummmmmmmmm

5084 – Paula – I can’t wait for … mmmm flan!

4748 – Ashley M. – I’m looking forward to cheesecake!

2180 – Nadia – I love making (and eating) beautifully decorated sugar cookies at christmas time too! … but first I’m making cake pops for my hubby’s workplace charity fundraiser on Thursday!!! Welcome to T.O. this weekend!

4718 – Stephanie – Broken glass torte…made by my grandma!

5721 – Rachel R – baking, eating and decorating some sugar cookies with my lil one.

54 – Chelsea A – I love French Silk Pie this time of year! It’s an annual treat that I limit myself to making only for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s almost the same recipe as PW! Also, I love all the pictures and stories you share from your signing. I am amazed you remember all the details!

2750 – Julie – Banana split cake!

Congratulations everyone!

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6,094 comments on “Books & Signings”

  1. Classic sugar cookies sprinkled with colored sugar, Im going to style them up in boxes and ribbons and give them to my loved ones as Christmas gift. Also, I think I’ll bake homemade French croissants for Christmas breakfast :)

  2. Can’t wait to make my moms recipe for apple cake and strawberry coconut candy!

  3. Bread sauce! I love it and can’t get enough! It’s breadcrumbs and milk made into a porridge-like texture, with herbs. Served with turkey on Christmas day, it’s yummy!

  4. My mom’s Swedish Kringle!!!

  5. I made your brownie pecan pie and I can’t wait to eat more of it. I also want to make the Chanukah Pops. It starts Wednesday! I’ll be real impressed if you can shape some like dreidels. :)

  6. Out of the dozen or so treats this time of year, I’m favorite is the simple sugar cookies with the Hershey kiss pressed onto the top just as they come out of the oven. Yummers!

  7. I’m super excited for cream cheese spritz cookies and a big ole piece of tiramisu cake!

    Thanks for the chance to win – you’re super Bakerella!

  8. Very excited for sugar cookies with royal icing this year- this year i will not let the royal icing defeat me! also, gingerbread has been on my mind recently… is it too early to make gingerbread men?

  9. It is so hard to choose one treat that I can’t wait to eat, but I guess I would have to go with a salted pecan caramel cheesecake or any cookies that my mom makes!

  10. Can’t wait for the cookies! Love the assortment we will have!

  11. I can’t wait for Peanut Butter Fudge….oh yummy! :o)

  12. I celebrate Chanuka, so it has to be doughnuts for me, any size, any shape, any type!
    PS I am in the UK, hope that doesn’t prevent me entering!

  13. 1rst: Please: come to Spain to sign my book. That is my Christmas desire.
    2nd: I allways wait Christmas to eat “Turron almendrado” and “Polvorones”. But this Christmas will be a surprise in my table: Sweet Snow Man cake pops”, but don’t tell to anybody…
    Did you visit my blog? What do you think about it? (on top there is a translator to catalan or spanish to english).
    Mglòria from Gourmenderies

  14. Apple pie! I LOVE apple pie!

  15. My granny spice bread! but also our French traditional “foie gras” and “escargots” XD
    Loved the pics! all the smiling faces are really cheering up :D

  16. If I win will you send it to Downunder. I so want to bring the pops to Australia!! Gorgeous work and am very excited to try out a Xmas Pud version of the POP.
    XX Nik Clarke
    Buderim Australia

  17. I can’t wait for my mom’s nut rolls. They are the best. I also can’t wait to try to make bagels for the first time. Fingers crossed.

  18. You made the book tour look like fun! I sure it must have been both exhilarating and exhausting. I’m looking forward to two holiday treats in particular: Lemon Coconut Squares, (my mother’s favorite) and Sugared Walnuts (my father’s favorite!)

  19. Toblerone Dip. Its tradition. christmas day breakfast with Summer fruits (I’m in australia)

  20. Can’t wait to try the Brownie Pecan Pie!!!!! mmmmm

  21. Jewish Apple Cake…family tradition to serve one every Christmas!

  22. I can’t wait to eat my mini pecan tartlets in fillo cups…they are so goood! And I will take my book signed …please.
    Bakerella I am so poud of if I had something to do with your success…I am excited for you! I have been a #1 fan from your start, and will be here always to see what comes next!
    Keep wowing us !

  23. Shortbread – yum yum!

  24. my grandmas chocolate bread-cookies!!!

  25. I can’t wait to eat every single gingerbread cookie in the country!

  26. My birthday is a few days before Christmas so I am most looking forward to Birthday Cupcakes! :)

  27. there are way too many, but if i had to choose, i’d say sugar cookies with a cup of hot cocoa =]

  28. I can’t wait for trifle! I don’t know if you have it in the US but it’s sooo good!

  29. oops forgot to say our favorite is Cinnamon Ball Cake Christmas morning, my grandma use to make it as my mother did too and I have carried out the tradition I bake one for every Christmas morning…MERRY CHRISTMAS

  30. My Mum’s plum pudding- she makes it every year!

  31. Peanut Butter Fudge and looking forward to baking cookies with my grandson and granddaugher who I’ve turned into little bakers (ages 4 & 2). Under the tree this year is an Easy Bake Oven for them. The will be so excited to have their very own “oven”! They LOVE Cake Pops too! I would love to have a signed copy of your book. I’ve asked for a copy for Christmas but since we have been unemployed for some time now, the money is really tight. Have a Wonderful Holiday!

  32. OMG!! I have been looking and looking and looking for something extra special to make for daughter’s kindergarten class holiday party. The snowman cake pops are PERFECT and so EASY to make. Can’t wait to get started!! Thank you so much! But i also look forward to eating my favorite cookies..Ginger Molasses Cookies!!

  33. I can’t wait to eat my homemade shortbread! We bake it to give to the kindergarten teachers as Christmas gifts, and I always make an extra batch for us! Can’t wait to have one with a cup of tea on Christmas morning :)

  34. You have the most amazing job and meeting such amazing people and giving them such quality fun time with you. Love this blog and love the things I can make with my 4 grandchildren while there dad is over in Afghanistan. Cant wait to make them with my other 7 grandchildren when they come and visit.

  35. I can’t wait to make (& eat) my favorite caramel corn… YUM!!

  36. The fall into winter is the time for hearty breads and cookies to share with family and friends you love to indulge your heart.

  37. OMG!! I have been looking and looking and looking for something extra special to make for daughter’s kindergarten class holiday party. The snowman cake pops are PERFECT and so EASY to make. Can’t wait to get started!! Thank you so much!

  38. This Saturday me and some friends will bake christmas cookies, so I’m certainly looking forward to that! There are also these chocolate sprinkle thingies they sell over here and so-called domino bricks that I look forward to. So many awesome treats!

  39. I plan on making homemade pignoli cookies for my colleagues, but I’m planning on stashing some for myself as well. ;)

  40. I can’t wait to taste the cake my mother makes for New Year, is simple but it tastes so good with milk or coffee for the first breakfast of the year!

  41. I cant wait to make cookie dough truffles, everyones favourite!

  42. Gingerbread cookies!!!

  43. I love baking and decorating so there will be lots of Christmas cookies this year, especially the decorated gingerbread ones. I plan some experimenting so I can´t wait to try the new kinds of cookies and then of course sharing them and eating them :)

  44. I love Christmas fudge, but what I really want is some of my grandma’s sour creme candy, which is basically fudge made with left over sour creme. Tart but sweet…delicious:)

  45. I can’t wait for our rocky road christmas tree. It’s a family tradition now. Lots and lots of chocolate, peanuts, turkish delight, marshmallows..and a white chocolate “snow drop” finish. yum!

  46. I can’t wait to have my mother’s nut tassies made with pecans!

  47. I can’t wait to make lots of chocolate chip cookies and eat them in front of a holiday movie haha :)
    Awww I’d love to have a signed copy of your book :)

  48. Hmm. That’s a difficult one. I do love cookies, and Christmas time is one of the only times that I really make and eat them. :)

  49. I’m looking forward to gingerbread cookies!

    And if I get your book, well… ;)

  50. Cake Pops, of course! I’m so excited that I’m visiting Toronto from India just in time to see you at the book signing. Woo-Hoo!!!!

  51. I can’t wait to enjoy whatever iteration of ginger cookies/bars I decide to make this year. I need to start planning out our cookie treats this week!

  52. Every Chrstmas morning since I was 9 I’ve had “Christmas Coffee Cake” since I was about 9. Now I make it every year for my kids. Basically it is a glorified monky bread, but it’s a special something that always helps us kick off the day!

  53. I can ‘t wait to eat home-maid chocolatecake :) and so much more, but some things I can’t translate (such as ‘klaaskoeken’, but to be honest, I allready ate them)

  54. Frosted sugar cookies and homemade caramels!

  55. I cant wait to eat hot mince pies with cream and brandy butter!

  56. My mother’s trifle. It’s nothing fancy but it’s a once a year tradition and absolutely scrummy!

  57. I cannot wait to eat some more of my apple pie! I know I may seem full of myself, as most people look forward to someone else’s confections, but my apple pie is to DIE for. Everyone is always very excited for it, as am I!

  58. Wow! Your book for a giveaway – that’s just awesome! I hope it’s open for international readers, too ;)
    I can’t wait to bake and eat some gingerbread cookies, of course. I love gingerbread cookies and I always can’t wait ’till Christmas to eat them. And what’s the best part – I’m going to make the gingerbread dough myself this year!

  59. Can’t wait to eat chocolate chip cookies made by my mom!

  60. I totally love the mini cadbury eggs that appear at christmas. I also love everything with cinnamon!!!

  61. Do I have pick just one thing?

    Eggnog and red velvet cupcakes and of course anything to do with cheesecake =)

  62. I can’t wait to eat the homemade fudge! I only make it once a year, for waistline reasons!

  63. well its summer here so it would have to be watermelon

  64. We do our Christmas baking next week. I have learned to love the Pecan Tarts. This will be my first year making cake pops too! Cant wait!!

  65. Cookies! In another life I was a professional baker, now retired I bake small scale at home, give away cookie platters to all my friends and sample everything! But I can’t wait to have my Mom’s NY style cheesecake! YUM!!

  66. omg, just ONE? :3, I think I cant wait to eat a pecan pie, or dulce de leche cheesecake :D

  67. Homemade truffles! I usually make them for holiday gifts… and of course sneak a few myself in the process! :)

  68. I wait the whole year to eat snowball cookies…they just melt in your mouth and are oh so delish!

  69. probably mum’s christmas shortbreads……. yum!! or although it’s awhile away the ice-cream christmas pudding(cake) with brandy cream!!

  70. Hmmm, this is hard! I would practically eat strawberry chantilly cake!!

  71. Sugar cookies, gingerbread men and women, rocky road, fudge…. love it all!!!! Would love a signed copy of your fab book!!!!

  72. Family!!!!! I love to share all the goodies—— cookies, candy, cakes, and good food we make at this time of year. Time with them is the most precious. Merry Christmas everone.

  73. Iced sugar cookies!

  74. Pavlova with fresh strawberries!

  75. My best friends peanut butter fudge she’s been promising to send me.

  76. can’t wait to eat macarons !!

  77. Mother’s homemade caramel! Can’t keep my hands away from them. ^.^

  78. I love sweet potatoes! I made too few for thanksgiving and now I’m waiting impatiently for Christmas to make more!

  79. Loving all your pics and stories from your book signing tour! Wish you were making it out to Okinawa, Japan! :) I have been looking forward to baking all sorts of holiday sweets to give away to neighbors as a way to meet new people this holiday. Next year, I definitely want to try adding in some cake pops to the holiday sweets baskets! Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway!

  80. Peppermint ice cream and my grandma’s hot chocolate, it is to DIE for!!

  81. I always look forward to the German Christmas markets arriving so I can buy some German Christmas biscuits! No idea what’s in them but they’re gorgeous – and they are little hearts and stars. Always accompanied by an eggnog or gingerbread latte – lovely!

    (PS I wasn’t sure about whether international people can enter the giveaway, but if not and I happen to be picked, you can pick another one I guess!)

  82. I LOVE my mom’s home made mince pies…
    they are AMAZING – i can’t wait for these….
    and in South Africa it so hot that another Christmas FAV is peppermint Caramel fridge tart – YUM!

  83. Cookies!! Especially with any with cinnamon, it always reminds me of the holidays :]

  84. Pumpkin Pie.

  85. There are so many – but I have to admit, the one that I am most looking forward to is the chocolate covered cookies that come in a tin box. I love to bake, but I am just craving those cookies!!

  86. can’t wait to eat a cake ball…..taking to a cookie exchange to benefit Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired in KC……everyone else will want one too!

  87. I am looking forward to making and eating sufganiyot – traditional Hannukah jelly doughnuts (though I might substitute chocolate for the jelly filling)!

  88. I can’t wait for Mor Mor’s kumla, lefsa and lappas. Salvating just thinking about it! :)

  89. My Mom makes an assortment of holiday candy every year. Caramels, peanut butter balls, brittle, turtles, fudge… It is glorious.

  90. Shortbread of course!
    Cinnamon is especially delicious :)
    xx <3

  91. Can’t wait for Banana Cake … a holiday tradition!

  92. Excessive amounts of cupcakes!

  93. I can’t wait to eat wafer cookies that my mom makes. They were my favorite as a child and my grnadmothers favorite as well. This will be the first year my mom has made them since my grandmother died three years ago and I can already taste them melting in my mouth!

  94. I couldn’t wait for plum pastries (puff pastry, filled with plum jam and shaped like a star – see so I made them yesterday ;)

    The other must-have treat are green marmalade balls made by Finnish candy factory Fazer. My grandma always had a box of them open on the sitting room table. They are just big enough so that you are tempted to shove one in your mouth whole. And then you look like a chipmunk and your jaws hurt and it is absolutely impossible to look poised and stylish when chewing. And then you do it again. And again. Addictive, I say.

    Sorry for being so Finnish with my treats. I’ll promise to make some seasonal Finn-inspired pops if I get the book ;)

  95. i can’t wait to have some chocolate peppermint cake!

  96. I can’t wait to eat my Snickerdoodle cookies! I only make them during the holidays..


  98. Me and my little girl, Indianna, will be keeping the tradition i have I used to do it with my mum and grandma before she passed and making and eating gingerbread men garlands and hanging decorations for our tree. I can’t wait :)

  99. I can’t wait to eat some yummy red velvet cake!

  100. Can’t wait to make/eat sugar cookies and a gingerbread house!!

  101. I can not wait to eat and make gingerbread cookies!!!

  102. I can’t wait to eat gingerbread cookies, and makes s’mores!

  103. Can’t wait to munch on the simple and classic chocolate cake with chocolate ganache :)

  104. I can’t wait to eat my grandpa’s pies and my moms stuffing! I finally get to see my family after living in Japan for 3 1/2 years due to my husband’s job and I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. I can’t wait to eat my grandmother’s white chocolate mousse with Amaretto!!!! YUM!!! (I’m already counting down :o) )

  106. White Trash Christms Candy is what I make myself sick on every year :) sooooo addicting my grown children call it Crack Candy, lol!

  107. mince pies, nothing beats mince pies, i know its christmas time when i can start to eat these :)
    i would love to meet you at a book signing but due to being in the uk i doubt its going to happen :(
    have a lovely week xx

  108. every year, right before christmas, we get little candy rings for in the christmas tree. they are made out of biscuits or chocolate, and decorated with sprinkles or sugar pearls. we gather and thread little ribbons through the holes, then hang them up in the tree to finish it off. one of the best parts of christmas is sneaking around the tree and nicking cookies ;)

  109. I cant wait to make, and potentially eat my very first gingerbread house!

  110. I am looking forward to eat Sarah Bernhardt Cookies ! I must have these for christmas. :)

  111. I’m going to give your reindeer pops a go so my kids can take them to school for their class mates… We love them here in Australia too!!!

  112. When is your tour arriving to Israel????
    Got lot’s of fans here too!!!!!

  113. Pumpkin Apple Pie or Sugar Cookies! Definitely staples for the holidays in my house!

  114. I can’t wait to eat gingerbread. The best for this time of year

  115. I am looking forward to experimenting with including egg nog, gingerbread and peppermint flavors into my cakes :-)

  116. WOW! I would definitely like to have my hands on one of your books as it’s not selling over at my shore! Am gonna keep my fingers cross the random generator generates my number!! LOL

    Im looking forward to have my Starbucks Toffeenut Latte and sink my teeth into oven warm gingerbreadman! yummy yum yum! :)

  117. To be honest- everything!!! As a single mum i don’t really get time to make treats so I go hunting at all my families houses… Xmas is the best time for this ;)

  118. I can’t wait for some gingerbread cookies! I would love one of your signed books please! Unless you can get your publisher to send you to the Honolulu Williams and Sonoma. :D

  119. I make an awesome flan that my family loves. Looking forward to making it for the holidays :) yum! To include cake pops :D I hope I win!

  120. Pumpkin apple pie!!

  121. I am looking forward to flourless chocolate cake…

  122. I can’t wait to eat one of those peanut butter cookies with the Hershey kiss in the middle. Yuuum.

  123. Cranberry Bliss Bars, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Cheesecake, Cupcakes….. ANY AND ALL. Good thing I won’t have to wear a swim suit anytime soon….

  124. Latkes! Yummy fried potato pancakes that we make for family parties on Hannukah. Mmmmmm.

  125. my grandmas pecan bars.

  126. Gingersnaps are a major family favorite. I need to make them soon!

  127. Can’t wait to go overboard with the cookies! I consider the Thanksgiving-Christmas season to be baking season, and cookies are what I bake most of.

  128. I can’t wait to eat some amazing gingerbread!

  129. I can’t wait to have sponge candy….it’s called angel food candy in other parts. It’s so good and only my Grandma has it mastered. Also, Jan Hagel cookies (cookies made with lots of butter and crushed walnuts on top).

  130. I can’t wait until my Mom makes Latkes for Hanukkah, which is this Thursday! There is nothing better than latkes and applesauce! :)

  131. Apple pie!

  132. Mango Cheese Cake!!!!!! My mom’s own recipe :)

  133. I can not wait for cake balls!!! :)

  134. My must in holiday treats is Roscón de Reyes
    ( Delicious as dinner the Wise Men night (January 5th) and more delicious with hot chocolate (and all the presents) the morning after! :D

  135. I love to bake for Christmas. I love trying new dessert recipes, so I am really excited to try your pie pops for Christmas!

  136. American food…any of it. We’ve lived abroad for 3 years so anything American is a huge treat!

  137. I can’t wait to eat pandoro, one of the typical Italian Christmas cakes!

  138. Can’t pick just one – there are a lot of really good cooks in my family! :)

  139. Every single year we make a HUGE batch of sugar cookies and decorate them very detailed and beautiful (usually we pick a theme or a color scheme). It takes ALL DAY and is what I look forward to most…they are BEAUTIFUL AND OH SO YUMMY!!!!!

  140. I can’t wait to eat an spanish sweet: “turrón” (nougat candy), biscotti and panettone… mmmm…. love this 3 holiday treats!!!!

  141. Peppermint Bark…mmmmmm

    I’ve loved seeing all the pictures from your book signings and am so thrilled for you with how successful your book has been!

  142. i can’t wait to eat strawberry sorbet!!! so yuuum

  143. I can’t wait to eat any christmas cookie. If I win your book, please sign it for me. =)

  144. Peppermint bark, my favorite!

  145. I can’t wait to make some shortbread cookies! And of course baking chocolate chip cookies for Santa as well ;)

  146. Cookies – lots and lots of cookies – lots of new recipes to try, lots of old favorites we can’t wait to have again. And of course, lots of cake pops!

  147. Can’t wait to bake some brownies, and (hopefully) cake pops!

  148. My mum makes the best meringue berry cake – it’s soooo good. Even better as left overs ! YUM! We have it every year because we can’t find anything that is as good.

  149. Anything pumpkin!

  150. My grandmas pumpkin empanadas :-)

  151. Pecan Tassies. My dad used to make them, and this year its my turn. . .

  152. Oooh! We just had Thanksgiving but I want to make a pumpkin pie but Oman is fresh out of Libby’s Pumpkin Pie Filling! I want chocolate chip cookies too and oohh, I want to eat mashed potatoes and my once a year Christmas morning breakfast called Hopple Popple. Not Colombian (I am) and not American (I am also!). It’s scrambled eggs with bacon and potatoes and onions served with orange juice and coffee and a side of little smokies. Oman carries all that so I hope they will this year again! Just all the holiday foods. I wish I was in America to have my parents Colombian feast but alas! We might be in Dubai!

  153. well, i’m celebratin hanuka – so i’m really waiting for the traditional doughnuts and latkes :-)

  154. I can’t wait to make and eat a gingerbread house – such a fun activityto warm a cold winter’s day :)

  155. I can’t wait to bake and eat my mom’s recipe for gingerbread!

  156. Looking forward to sugar cookies! And maybe mince pies. :D

  157. If the giveaway is worldwide (which is not always the case), then I’ll enter. I’m French and I must say I love Truffes or cookies! Anything sugared will do ;).

  158. A dutch treat for us is Oliebollen. They are traditionally for New Year but maybe we can get them a couple of times before then…

  159. Mmmm… what to eat? Everything? :) I am really looking forward to making chocolate/caramel covered pretzel rods. I think my mom enjoys the eating part. ;) I already have your book on my ‘christmas list’, but a signed copy would be a fabulous gift! :) Happy Holidays to you!

  160. pineapple tarts!!!!!! melting away ….

  161. OMG ! If there’s any chance that someday you come in France, just let me know, I’ll be the first in line ;-)
    As for your queestion, I can’t wait to bake simple chocolate chips cookies for my sons as we make Christmas decoration listening to Christmas cliché I know lol

  162. There are some christmas treats I am looking forward to eating! Gingerbread houses I recently made some ginger breat hearts for all my teachers and with the remainder dough me and one of friends made some mini houses so cute! Also short bread mmm I found a good recipe awhile ago and now my mum makes short bread stars with the recipe.

  163. I can’t wait to make & decorate some classic sugar cookies with my son…My mom did that with me every year on Christmas eve and now it’ll be my tradition with my kids too:)

  164. I can’t wait for some Million Dollar Fudge!

  165. Ciao! I’m from Italy, so I can’t wait to eat our beautiful Torrone! xxx

  166. cant wait for christmas sugar cookies :)

  167. The holiday treat I can’t wait to eat would be cookies! All kinds of cookies! :D Chocolate chips, sugar cookies, butter cookies, cookie sandwiches, etc…hm…I’m getting hungry writing this comment! LOL

  168. Of caourse, tons of “Turrón”, and we are doing sugar cookies for the tree, let’s see if the kids, let the cookies in the tree the whole Christmas.

  169. I can’t wait for xmas pudding, with LOADS of custard. Despite the fact its creeping onto the shelves already, I’m ignoring it, cos once I start eating it, it becomes an everyday thing, and I’m trying to be good!

  170. i can’t wait to eat my mother in law irish bread. So good…
    If you have a chance I need to send a private email to you. Please email me your email address. Thanks

  171. I can’t wait to make some delicious peppermint chocolate kisses!

  172. Gingerbread men! They’re adorable and so much fun to make.

  173. hi bakerella, i can’t wait to eat the special holiday ham made by my husband jupi :) this was their family tradition now passed to ours :) it has been the star of our noche buena feast…yum yum! happy holidays :D

  174. I am looking forward to ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies!

  175. I can’t wait to eat homemade rainbow cookies, you know those classic, dense, tri-color, almond-pastey ones. Oh yeah.

  176. My fruit cake and red velvet cupcakes…yummo!

  177. My grandmother makes these AWESOME sugar cookies every year for us for Christmas. She’s handed me down the recipe, but I still simply cannot reproduce their awesomeness.

  178. Chocolate Crinkles – this one was the most fun to make when us kids were growing up – and it still wouldn’t be Christmas without it!

  179. I can’t wait to eat sugar cookies on my Christmas tree!!

  180. Considering that I just had 8 teeth pulled on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving… I really want to eat pies with nuts and a really big S’mores. :)

  181. In Sweden the best holiday treat I know is saffron buns. A traditional Swedish bun that tastes fantastic. Meaning I got to go home and bake me some asap. ;)

  182. Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream! Yum yum! :)

  183. I’m looking forward to baking (and eating) brownies with my sister and cousins! I’m also thinking about using your cheesecake recipe to make raspberry cheesecake (for my second attempt)! Noms.

  184. I can’t wait to come home from college and see my family again! I’m not sure what I’ll be baking yet, but it will probably be some kind of cookie. I’m definitely looking forward to having a kitchen again…

  185. I can’t wait for some gingerbread! :)

  186. i love strawberry cheesecake!

  187. Peppermint bark! Yum!

  188. pretty much excited for everything sweet coming this holiday season – all types of cakes, pies n cookies…

  189. Mmm, with Christmas just around the corner, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into some Peppermint Bark. Yum!

  190. I can’t wait for cookie exchanges. Yum! I love cookies, probably my favorite is something our family calls Almond Butter Sticks.

  191. Signed, please! We’re making pecan tassies, to eat and to give away

  192. I can’t wait to have pumpkin fluff pie it is low on sugar all the yummy stuff i can eat.

  193. Melting moment cookies made by my mother in law!

  194. I’m craving dark chocolate peppermint bark!

  195. I can’t wait to eat sufganiyot- which are jelly-filled donuts eaten at Chanukah! I won’t have to wait long since the first night of Chanukah is this Wednesday! YUM!

  196. I already have a list with yummie things to bake! But I’m going for the cheesecake, decorated with strawberries :-) Haven’t had it for a long time!

  197. Spanish “Roscón de Reyes”
    Mmmmmmmmmm, I love it!!!!

  198. I love experimenting, so I can’t wait to try one of my recipes I’ve stashed for such a time as Christmas! Espresso Chocolate Shortbread sounds good, but I’ve got to make sure to make my favorite: Molasses cookies…mmm mmm good!

  199. I wait all year to eat the sugar cookies with eggnog …i’m such a sucker for it.

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