Cartoon Character Cake Pops

I loved reading all your cake pop guesses from yesterday. And I’m happy to say that someone guessed correctly. Actually, several of you did. But the first one to guess correctly did so in the first twenty comments. I’ll announce the winner in just a sec.

First, I want to show you the cake pop I made.

It came out really cute.


Here are the candy coatings and candies that I used to decorate them.

So, everyone that guessed Smurfs … and there were a bunch of you… I’m sorry. Maybe next time.


I cut the tops off of candy corn to use for the ears.

That’s right. This cartoon character cake pop is an animal.

Any guesses now?


These light pink coated sunflower seeds were perfect for the nose.

They come in a long tube.You can find them in different color combinations especially during holiday seasons. I think I found these at a store called World Market.

Just keep your eyes open. I grab them whenever I see them, because the colors come in handy.


White m&ms. I found these sold by color at Wal-Mart a while back.

These were spot on for the eyes.

Okay, the next picture should give it away if you don’t know already.


Almost finished eyes. With orange eyelids.

I know you know now.


That’s right.


Everyone’s favorite sarcastic cat.

I’ve made Garfield sweets before. Take a look at these fondant covered cupcakes if you want to see.

But this time, I wanted to see if I could turn him into a cake pop. A little tougher than working with fondant.


When I’m trying to recreate a recognizable character, I start with finding candies that have a similar size, shape and color if possible.

I’ll shape the cake balls to match the shape of the character and then place the candies right on the uncoated cake ball to see if I’m going in the right direction.

This way I can adjust the size of the ball to be proportional to the candies if necessary. Remember to make the ball slightly smaller than what looks accurate, because once they are dipped the shape will increase in size a bit due to the coating.


To make the basic shape, attach the ears (pointing slightly forward) using candy coating and let dry before dipping the entire cake pop in more melted candy coating.

Remember to dip completely and remove without stirring.

Let dry completely.


When dry, attach your eyes. Don’t forget to leave some without eyelids for Garfield’s wide-eyed look.


Then carefully pipe on yellow candy coating right underneath his eyes. It will work better if the coating isn’t too fluid. Just let it set for a few minutes after heating to thicken a bit. Keep a picture of him nearby for reference.


Before the yellow sets, attach a light pink coated sunflower seed for the nose.

Let dry completely and then use a black edible ink pen to draw on all of Garfield’s iconic details.

I like to use the Americolor Gourmet Writing Pens.


If you want to have fun making these at home, you’ll need:

The basic how-to for making cake pops
Orange candy coating
Yellow candy coating
White m&m’s
Candy corn
Pink coated sunflower seeds
Black Americolor Gourmet Writing Pen
Small squeeze bottle


Now for the winners. Yep, plural.

Commenter #20 – Nicol was the first one to guess Garfield correctly. Yay! Great guess.


But, I’m also going to give one away at random… And that winner is…


Congratulations Elizabeth. You win a book, too. I hope you still come to the signing though. I’d love to meet ya.


P.S. – A bunch of you made guesses of character cake pops that I’ve already made.

Like these.


You can check them all out under the Cake Pops category if you want to take a look.

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204 comments on “Cartoon Character Cake Pops”

  1. I would love to see how you do Smurfs

  2. Bakerella these are SO AMAZING! You’ve done it again, I’m in awe

  3. you’re amazing do you know that?!

  4. I wish I had the talent and patience to do these like you do. They are so cute!

  5. Oh man my guess wasnt quick enough!! Garfield has been my favorite since I was a kid. Ill have to make these!

  6. Oh man.. I missed the potato head ones! those are hilarious!!!

  7. it is wonderful
    it is a real pleasure to vist your blog
    have a good day
    herve lesateliersdhys (from France)

  8. It’s been really cool seeing you grow and your creativity flourish over the course of this blog. The facial expressions on those Garfields are awesome!

  9. That is SO stinkin cute!

  10. Oh my, Garfield looks so perfect, they turned out great!

  11. Wow! These are great! Very, very nicely done!

  12. Good grief…you are so artistic and talented!

  13. bakerella, you’re too cool to be true! :)))
    gaaarfield – my way-before-jason-donovan-before-rick-astley-before-johnny-depp-before…i-don’t-know-who-else-teenager-idol! i was addicted to garfiled magazines and i “wallpapered” my bedroom with garfield-posters! :)
    love your blog! sweetest greets from hamburg, germany!

  14. You are an inspiration! My three year-old spent the night talking about the purple eye monsters we made last year for Halloween!

  15. those are just too cute. u r so artistic!

  16. Oh for cute!! I just died. You’ve killed me again. These are so unbelievably cute. Your artistry is so admirable.

  17. Have you done angry birds yet?

  18. Jodi – that makes me so happy to hear.

  19. you’re a genius!!
    sweet kisses from Barcelona!

  20. I love it!! It’s so cute!! =)

  21. I haven’t tried Americolor writers, but the Wilton ones don’t work on candy coating at all. I’m assuming the Americolor ones do since your pictures show a lot of markings with them? These are AMAZING! I am always amazed at how perfect your coating comes out!

  22. Love your site and your creative ideas. Please come out with another cake pop book soon! You rock!

  23. I LOVE STITCH! How did you do that?????

  24. WOW! Those turned out fantastic! You always think outside the box when it comes to the candies you use to take your pops to the next level. I love it!

  25. Oh my gosh….my kiddo is going to be *begging* me for these! I think we need a “Nermal” cake pop next! ;)

  26. How cool! I used to draw Garfield a lot when I was younger. I much preferred him to Heathcliff.

  27. Adorable! But I’ve gotta know… How do you grasp the M&Ms to dip them in orange coating?

  28. BRAVA!!!! Wow. I never could guess what cartoon character you were doing even with all of the hints. Nevertheless, they came out BEAUTIFULLY. You’re amazingly talented.

  29. Wow! Awesome! Bakerella, any chance that you could do a video tutorial on cake-pops. I always have the most difficult time with the dipping and having it come out smooth. Best regards.

  30. Those are fantastic!! Really, I love them to death! I wish I was half as good at making stuff look this good as you are *sigh*

  31. These are just perfect! Again! You are incredibly creative and skilled, and I am so grateful that you share it with all of us. Blessings.

  32. These are amazing!! Garfield is one of the best cartoon characters and his love of food makes him even more appropriate as a cake pop

  33. Absolutely amazing! Your talent is endless. SO glad you are back in the swing of things.

  34. I made the Hello Kitty cake pops and they came out super cute! It is a bit time consuming but sooo worth it! :D

  35. OMGOsh….so cute and now my mind is heading towards another orange and white cat….Tigger!!! :-)

  36. These are adorable!

    But I have a question for you , where did you post that picture for people to guess? I have you on my twitter, and on my facebook and I didn’t see it posted on either. Thanks!

  37. Oh dear Lord, you got ahold of my heartstrings with this one!!!
    As one fellow transplant (or should I say two-time transplant) to another, I am so glad to hear you are doing well. :-)

  38. So glad that you are back to good health and back to being creative. Wishing you and your mother all the best.

  39. Adorable! You are so talented!

  40. I am in utter awe. I ended up flattening a cupcake pop (the ones made to look like cupcakes) BEFORE I even got the tops done just to deal with the frustration! You must have the patience of a saint!

  41. These pops are completely awesome, you have a great talent for seeing art in candy pieces.

  42. I can’t believe you made those, they’re so well done! I think they’re your best so far. There’s so much detail and it looks so complicated to make them. But you did a fantastic job!

  43. My son’s favorite in the Sunday comics. I can’t wait to show these to him, Angie! They are perfect!!!

  44. These are brilliant!!! Well done, too cute!!! :)

  45. These look amazing!! While I am super disappointed I don’t get a Cake Pops book, Garfield was way better than my guess :)

    Your talent at making all of your cake pops look perfect simply blows me away!

  46. Garfield, Mr Potato head and Winnie the Pooh are absolutely AMAZING! I love all the other ones too, of course. Honestly… you rock!

  47. These are amazingly creative. I don’t know how in the world you figure out how to create all of the things you do. I guess it’s a great gift you have been given! Love it! :)

  48. Wow! Since I discovered ur web and your book (so thankful that Amazon exists! Lol) i’m in love w/ cake pops, but these are AMAZING! I’m sooooooo impressed! They are gorgeous! You should come to Spain and make us a visit!

  49. Love it!! For the first time I tried and made cake pops for my son’s birthday party last Sunday and they were a hit~ Now my daughter wants me to make the Hello Kitty cake pops for her birthday next time~ Wish me luck~ LOL~ =P

  50. You never cease to amaze me!!!!

  51. I was so excited to see which one you made..kept checking all during work today!! I LOVE it :)

  52. Incredible! Thanks for making me smile!

  53. Wow! You make it look so easy! Great job!

  54. Love them!!!! I made your Hello Kitty cake pops for my daughters 5th birthday.

    Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration and making me feel like I can make any of these wonderful treats!

  55. Whoa! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. those are perfect. Can you do the penguins of madagascar?

  57. You never cease to amaze and challenge…I’ve done wedding, birthday, and many character cakes, but your talent knows
    no bounds! I am loving these cake pops!

  58. Genius… I love the way your brain works.

  59. Wow, I totally thought Garfield, but then thought, “No way, why would she make him?” So I didn’t answer. Grr. lol

  60. you are so talented!
    what an artist you are (:

  61. Yipppeee!!! Can’t believe I won! I am SO excited!! I emailed you my contact info a little bit ago and a silly idea I had too, hehe ;)
    Elizabeth :)

  62. Bakerella,

    I love seeing your new ideas. I made the owl pops last year for a baby shower…I find that no matter what i do my chocolate cracks…what am i doing wrong???


  63. I love these!! And I love the fondant cupcake version too (I just saw those for the first time now through the link you posted). My favorite creations of yours are always the ones that are based on recognizable characters…its so fun to see how closely they resemble the real thing. Glad to hear that you are doing better now! :)

  64. Been wanting to give cake pops a try!!!!! You make them look super easy!

  65. OMG! Who doesn’t love a fat cat in a cat pop! Great job! :)

  66. Ugh, I seriously dislike Garfield. I totally knew it was gonna be garfield, but I was like, “Know way it’s garfield! She already made those!” Haha, nice job Bakerella:)

  67. Congrats to the winners!!! Those winnie the pooh pops were really cute! You should come to a signing in NYC, because i’ve never seen one posted. I’ll hold it at my house if you can’t find a venue!! (Lol)

  68. Hi…Just wanted to say “Thank you” for your website and your blog. Sometimes when I’m having a bad day- I come to your website and it really does put a smile on my face. Thank You for turning my frowns upside down :)

  69. I LOVE Garfield! He’s my all-time fav cartoon character! Now you just have to make lasagna for him. = )

  70. You are insanely talented, Miss Angie. What an inspiration indeed.

  71. wow! these look amazing!!!

  72. That was one of my top guesses, actually, but it had been guessed so I knew I didn’t have a shot. They look AMAZING. Way to go – really!

  73. Is there any way you can post how you make a mario cake pop? My 5 year old really wants them for his birthday! Love your stuff!

  74. Awesome job as usual! Love Garfield!

  75. OH! MY! GOODNESS!!!!! HOW ADORABLE!!! I’m going to have to make these for my mom! She LOVES Garfield! As always, an inspiration! Still excited to see you in Minneapolis!

  76. You are INCREDIBLE!!!! I am ALWAYS AMAZED!!!!!!!!
    Fantastic job!!!!!

  77. I always love your character pops. You do such a great job of making them look exactly like the character! These Garfield ones are awesome, just like the original garfield.

  78. Ok, you are seriously talented. Those are too cute!

  79. aww. Oh boy, those are really cute. I would love to make them but unfortunately I cannot find ink pens or colored candy melts in my little corner of the world. Anyway, these are amazing! :D

  80. OMG, maybe the cutest cake pops ever!

  81. You are freaking brilliant.

  82. OMG.. You are so talented. I am trying this thing again I just have to. Garfield looks amazing. I went to sleep dreaming about once i get the cake pop down who can I create so I can become one of your popstars :). I am going to buy your book tomorrow. Every week I have been treating myself to things I need for the cake pops

  83. OH! You should send some to the writer of garfield!!! (Jim???)


  85. Your talent simply amazes me every single time I visit your blog. I love the Garfield cake pops!

  86. You are amazing and gifted. Just love seeing your creations!!

  87. Would love to see Phineas and Ferb Cake pops!!! :) You are awesome!
    My best friend gave a kidney to her son almost 4 years ago. They are celebrating his Beaniversary in Oct. We loved the kidney cake pops!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  88. And where is Odie?? LOL

  89. Those are super cute and detailed. I’d love to see an Odie too!

  90. I love Garfield so much! He was my favorite as a kid. I used to sleep with a Garfield stuffed animal ;)

    I just pinned this to Pintrest :)

  91. Absolutely adorable! Are you ever on the East Coast?

  92. Bakerella, you’re just awesome! Can you try making some Smurfs?

  93. SO cute! That’s amazing, the amount of detail you put into in Garfield and his friends!

  94. You HAVE got to be kidding! These are unbelievable, but then again, I seem to say that about all your fantastic creations. Your talent is amazing!

  95. Bakerella-may I just say I love love LOVE your site! I’m sure you’ve gotten this question dozens of times before, but how do you get the dipping chocolate so smooth? Every time I make cake pops the dipping chocolate is just too thick! I’ve heated in microwave and the double boiler method. Any advice?


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