Goodie Goodie




Pretty little homemade gumdrops.

I found a recipe for them in the book Celebrating Candy and wanted to give these sugary treats a try.

Plus, it’s just fun to try new things.


You’ll need some unflavored gelatin…


…four tablespoons or about six envelopes.

Add the gelatin to cold water to soften.


And then add sugar and boil.

Pour the mixture into pans…


…and add a little bit of flavored extract.


Of course you’ll want to make them in a few colors.


You’ll only need to add a drop or two of food coloring though.


Here’s where I could have made things go a little easier. I didn’t have the recommended pan size to make these. Instead I had this large pan with nine much smaller cavities.

Let’s just say I got myself into a sticky situation.


After you pour the mixture into the pans, you’ll need to let it chill overnight in the fridge so it will set up and allow you to cut it into cubes.
This is where it would have helped to have a bigger pan. I made quite a mess trying to remove the set gelatin out of these small shapes.


But after a little struggling, I managed to get cute cubes that I could cover in sugar.

Now the hard part. Let them sit for a couple of days to crystallize.

Ugh. Waiting.


See. I told you I struggled. But about halfway through pouring into the pans I decided to spray a few with Pam even though the recipe didn’t require it. I was skeptical.

So when in doubt, spray … or use non-stick pans. That could have made it less messy, too.


These were so fun to see actually come together. Despite my sticky fingers.


But even more fun was packaging them into cute little goodie bags.


Goodie Goodie Gumdrops.

I made these labels to fit 3.75 X 6 inch treat bags. (Print the Goodie Goodie pdf )

You can use these for other treats, too.

Cute. Cute.


The bags will hold about 8-9 gumdrops each depending on how big you cut your cubes.

Goodie Goodie Gumdrops
Yield: 8 dozen 3/4 inch gumdrops.

Goodie Goodie Gumdrops


  • 4 Tbsp gelatin (that's about 6 envelopes)
  • 1 cup cold water
  • 1-1/2 cups boiling water
  • 4 cups granulated sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon flavored extract like lemon or peppermint
  • 1-2 drops food coloring (I used four colors)
  • extra sugar for coating


  1. In a large pot, soften gelatin in cold water for five minutes.
  2. Stir in boiling water until gelatin dissolves. Stir in sugar.
  3. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat and boil for 25 minutes. Stir constantly.
  4. Pour mixture into 4 - 3X5 inch pans.
  5. Add 1/4 tsp extract and 1-2 drops food color to each pan. Stir until thoroughly combined. Cover pan and chill overnight in the fridge.
  6. Cut gelatin mixture into 3/4 inch cubes using a knife dipped in hot water.
    The gelatin may pull, but continue cutting.
  7. Separate cubes and roll in sugar until coated on all sides.
  8. Place gumdrops on wax paper and leave at room temperature for two days to crystallize.
  9. Store in an airtight container.
  10. Package them with 3.75 X 6 inch treat bags and my Goodie Goodie labels (print the Goodie Goodie pdf).


Adapted from the book, Celebrating Candy.

You can also make 2 - 8 X 8 pans or 1 - 9 X 12 pan depending on the number of colors you want to make.



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  1. Cute! Next time try  silicone baking  pans, then can peel them right off ?

  2. If you use a 9×13 pan and spray it with pam bottom and all sides ( spread it evening with a paper towel) then pour your mixture in you will have marvelous results. after you have chilled it over nite- spread sugar on a large cookie sheet- run knife carefully around inside – then flip over onto your sugared pan- your gel will begin to loosen at one end and continue to fall to the pan in one whole piece – you can then cut in squares – I use small cutters (depending on the holiday or season) chill longer 3-4 hours – roll in sugar and you have perfect gum drops

  3. Can you use flavored jello?

  4. Instead of the extracts could you use the flavor you would use for hard candy

  5. What a nice treat to make for family and friends on a holiday like Christmas!

  6. Hi. Was just wondering, is there a certain temp that these should be brought to? ie hard ball soft ball etc. Or is it just one of those “boil 25 mins to thicken”?I am have difficulty with my drops firming up even if i leave them alone for days. they just start to sweat and get gooey…. but i do add nerds when they are almost set… could that be it? thanks in advance.

  7. Why couldn’t you use flavored gelatin?  Already flavored and colored.  Just not understanding complexity.

  8. What temperature are you cooking it to?

  9. Are you sure about the boiling time of 25 minutes? Or is that a typo. My mixture turned brown, even though I stirred constantly,  and my pan is ruined. 

  10. Do I let them dry in the air. Will a fan help the cristalizing procedure? Worried  that they wont dry nicely!

  11. I made thsee according to the recipe and they melted like regular jello would when left at room temp. Where did I go wrong?

  12. so great I can’t wai to try it out

  13. How many grams gelatin we dont have envelope envelopes here

  14. Really cute. :-D
    I was looking for an alternative to my own recipe. Mine is just too big!
    Just givng one tip: I use flat square pans, the full recipe gives three pans of 20 by 30 cm. And I sprinkle a layer of sugar in the bottom, the jelly doesn’t stick that much.

    1 kg sugar and 0,5 liter water, bring to a boil and let boil for atleast 15 minutes. If you don’t boil it that long, it gets cloudy.
    32, yes thirty two, table spoons of gelatin. Soak as described on the package. I use 32 leaves of Dr Oetker gelatin, but I have only seen those in Scandinavia.
    Remove from the heat and stirr in 25 g citric acid (or 2 table spoons of lemon juice) and the gelatin.

    Decide if you want all in one colour and taste, or divide in two or three meassuring cups.
    Add colourants and essences to taste. I use Wilton or Dr Oetker, depending on what I have.
    Sprinkle a layer of sugar in the pans. Pour 1 to 1,5 cm layer of liquid in the pans, and leave overnight.
    Next morning, sprinkle a layer of sugar on top and leave for another few hours.
    Cut into strips. A pizza cutter wheel is perfect for that job! Roll the long strips in sugar. Cut the strips in cubes and rol in more sugar. Spread out on a tray and let dry over night again.
    Store in air tight container.

    The only time I use a full portion (three colours) is when I sell at my church fund raiser. For Christmas I split the recipe in four for my family, or give away to lots of family and friends.

  15. this is so lovely… jus one question how long does the sugar stay on the jello

  16. These are cute! Are you able to use the little bottles of candy flavoring instead of extract?

  17. Omggg so fabbb but how can I make unflavored gelatin without running to the store to buy some ????????

  18. …also, she may have forgotten about the cornsyrup element….that’s usually the core of any candy making like this. typically 3/4 cup is enough. keeps the sugar from burning as well

  19. Ive been struggling with this, coincidentally, for a week now, and the boiling for 25 minutes is better explained as getting the sugar up to 300 degrees in the pot. a candy thermometer will remove the guess work. After you have joined the gelatin mix with the water, make sure it is boiled back up to 300. This is the key here. anything lower and it will turn it into a gelatinous ooze once it has been removed from the forms, after you’ve poured them. It sounds like she’s got it right, but not thoroughly enough explained. Carry on, I am going to try this myself with my daughter:-)!

  20. Hi.i made these cute little gummies ..sugar coated them n placed on my counter top over night. Wen I checked them in the morning …. the sugar had dessolved.n the gummies were soggy…. what would have gone wrong? Do I have to seal the container n leave them to dry or should I refrigerate them?

  21. Would it be possible to sub vodka for the cold water?

  22. Best recipe i have found for these wee gummies!
    Made them 3 years ago and the my main lesson then was to wait… patiently…

    DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE SUN. Mum said to put it in the sun to dry faster… But that made i melt instead… :'(

    Before and after it melted, it still tasted great though!! #appleflavour

  23. Can i use Jell-O?

  24. Why couldn’t you just boil flavored jello? I’m wondering if you could get the same results…I just might give it a try!

  25. Works well, and are tasty!

  26. i boiled for 25 minutes and the mixture is solid brown. what did i miss?

  27. I have to ask, can you use flavored jello instead of adding extracts as flavors?

  28. Thank you so much !!!!!

  29. tambien puede untar el molde con una ligera capa de clara de huevo, lo lleva al congelador para que seque y entonces puede vertir la mezcla la cual desmoldara facilmente

  30. You do realize a bag of these at the drugstore runs for about $1, right? The ingredients for this would cost at least ten times that! And then the days of waiting for them to setup…

  31. Made these a while ago, turned out perfectly, I LOVED them, and so does everyone else in the house! Anyways, i went to make them again, but we’re really low on white sugar… I did 1 cup white sugar and 3 cups brown sugar, and I’ll roll them with white. as I expected, it was more difficult to colour them, but the colours seem to be pretty strong. Anyways, hoping it works out. They’re setting now :)

  32. Yours look sooo delicious but when I tried to cover them in sugar, they started melting! HELP!

  33. They look fun except for the food coloring/die (NOT good for you-cancer causing) and conventional sugar. I think I would go for something more organic and healthier.

  34. OMG these look amazing!! I just made them, and they’re now chilling in the fridge! I put a drop of each flavour in the freezer for a quick taste test and they’re all awesome! I can’t wait to eat them and let my family try them ^_^

    …. Will these still work out fine if I don’t wait the full two days for the sugar to crystallize? I’m quite impatient when it comes to candy… Hehe

  35. Ooooooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

  36. OOOOOOOOOOH!!! Yum!!!

  37. I LOVE THEM! However, can you use citric acid instead of sugar. To me, sugar makes it too sweet. Thanks!

  38. I love gum drops and want to make these for Easter, but
    in the recipe you have 1 cup cold water and below 11/2 cups
    are listed but nothing after it. Can you use either 1 cup or
    11/2 cups of water for softening gelatin? e-mail me if you
    read this. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas.
    God Bless

  39. Can I use kook-aid for flavoring. I want so grape and fruit punch. Lol…..but I’m soooo serious tho

  40. I made these 2 years ago…no fail. This year I must have cooked them too long because I had a giant lemon drop in my pan! Any idea the temperature they get to? Would it be safe to say 280° soft ball?

  41. Did two batches, separately, and used different pots. First batch turned out great! Did green peppermint gumdrops. Second batch caramelized in the pot and set funny… Thinking maybe it was my enamelled pot?
    Will try it one more time in my non-enamelled pot…see if that is what made the difference for me.

  42. tried these tonight wonderful awesome .keep up very good work.they are deliscious yum

  43. I have been trying to make gumdrops for months now. These are amazing!!!! So far I’ve made raspberry, cinnamon, coconut, and black licorice (this was a request). They are all marvelous.

  44. I just made these and they turned out terrible. Are you sure about boiling for 25 minutes? I checked out other websites and they say to boil the water and sugar first and then simmer for a short amount of time, then add the softened gelatin til and stir til dissolved and then continue with coloring and flavoring. I will not be trying this recipe again.

  45. I just made these, and the sugar/ gelatin mixture turned brown during the 25 minutes of boiling. It’s not suppose to do that right?

  46. I realize this is an old post, but looking through the comments I didn’t find an answer, are you sure you boil for 25 minutes? That just burnt my sugar.

  47. We make these :) yummy

  48. What makes these sour?

  49. They taste great! Thx for the recipe!

  50. I’ve been searching for wedding favours that wont leave me penniless but are still awesome, and this is it!! Who isnt super impressed by homemade anything? Will make sweet & sour ones with our wedding colours, and then just need to protect them like a bear from my candy loving fiance. Combed the tips from other commenters and as a first time candy-maker, I will have my fingers crossed :) Thank you!

  51. How would I make these
    “sour”? like what could I use to coat them in like they use for sour patch kids?

  52. Why would these be sour?

  53. Could you use a cookie sheet sprayed with pam, then just cut them up on the sheet ? or use like parchment paper?

  54. One more thing. I noticed people said their recipe turned brown. It sounds like your heat was to high on the over. I did boil mine for 20 minutes, but kept it at a low heat (not medium high) as stated. Once it gets to a boil you have got to turn the heat down substantially.

  55. I just made these this week for an upcoming baby shower! They turned out great! For the tray, I just used plastic food storage containers which I gently sprayed with pam cooking spray. It was a super easy project and they taste amazing. I did add a 1/4 tsp extra extract for each flavor but I was using containers that were square and a bit bigger than 3×5. Also, food coloring I had to add a drop or two extra too. When cutting the cubes, make sure to keep running the knife under hot water, it really made a huge difference on how long it takes to cut them out after you leave them in the fridge over night. My batch also made more than 8 dozen which was a bonus.

  56. Could you try this in an ice cube tray?

  57. These would be perfect for our traditional family recipe for gumdrop bars.

  58. Ooooh! These look so good and they would be cute to add to a goodie bag! Also, beautiful tutorial:)

  59. My husband made these for Christmas, using flavored gelatin. I didn’t like the fruit flavors, but I like the idea of using peppermint extract and unflavored gelatin. Yours turned out pretty much the same as his, but prettier colors.

  60. Okay I swear I tried to comb the comments to see if anyone else asked this. But instead of using flavoring do you think you could do the same with just flavored Jello.

  61. Looks yummy! I like them

  62. you said sour ? what do you use to make them sour ?

  63. this recipe almost made my house burn down

    … make sure you use a really big pot to boil everything in

  64. I just made these but I didn’t have any flavoring so I used a package of grape KoolAid in place of the coloring and flavor. It turned out great. I made half a recipe with one package of KoolAid.


  66. Made this recipe and it is terrible the mixture turned dark brown so food coloring wasn’t even possible? Something must be wrong, I don’t think you need to boil the mixture for 25 minutes. I’ve checked other recipes and they recommend boiling for just a minute. Is this a typo?

  67. is there a way of making these for a diabetic. My dad loves gum drops but he’s diabetic. Would you know how to covert the amount of sugar to truvia. Thanks for your consideration

  68. do you cover in airtight container for the 2 days after sugaring?

  69. I love these. I wonder if it would work with a sugsr substitute?

  70. wow i love these very much and im trying these as of now , ill bring my laptop here in our kitchen. thank you for sharing ths recipe goodies

  71. These are adorable! Are they as delicious as they look? If something tastes really good, I don’t mind the extra work :-)

  72. As with any gelatin product if you dip the bottom of the pan in hot water for a few seconds it will release the gelatin from the pan

  73. How long will they stay good for?

  74. What cute little candies! They would be adorable for Easter, love them!

  75. Boiling for 25 minutes was WAY TOO long. The sugar started to carmalize and then when you put the goo into the pans, it was hard and not pliable at all. Any suggestions as to lower the boiling time???

  76. I love the colors! Where did you get those? In all my measly years I have never seen neon food coloring.

  77. I want to make these so bad. Is there a way that I can substitute the gelatin with?

  78. i think I may just buy a bag once a year at a candy store…looks like a big mess….and way too much sugar……

  79. How many calories are these??

  80. I love the way your gumdrops look. They are beautiful. I am sad right now because I am looking at my gumdrops, the ones I made following this recipe exactly, but they still look wet and slimy after three days of sitting at room temp. What happened? Anyone else have this issue? Any advice will be appreciated. I think I’ll try one more batch because I really want them to turn out!

  81. Okay I didnt mean for that to happen. When we made these we used thoses Pyrex glass dishes with lids.. the ones for leftovers in the 5in x 7in size sprayed with Pam and with a rubber spatula they pulled right out. I also used a metal pastry scraper to cut them..worked much better then a knife. One last thing…when you use flavoring extracts make sure they are PURE extracts..the gum drops will very flavorful. Hope this helps. I will surely be making these again.

  82. These were really fun to make…if you didn’t giggle making these there is something wrong. My mother is visiting once again gir the holidays and this year we gone ” baking overboard” we have made English toffees, brittles, fudge, butter mints and now these little gems, my kids love them. Just a few suggestions. When we made these we used yhises

  83. Created a batch tonight and added some tart & sour to them. Can’t wait to try!

  84. I had lost my gumdrop recipe when my computer went kaputz! After searching online for another good one, I came across yours, and LOVE it!!!! I like to make raspberry and orange, and this year am adding a rum flavored one! THanks for your recipe!

  85. just made some cant wait to see the final result

  86. I love making candy. If you use a citrus flavour and mix some citric acid into the sugar these are rolled in, you get a gummi sour candy.

  87. For all those burning their candy – I made these last night and can see why everyone is burning them. You should bring the mixture to a boil over medium-high heat but once it starts to boil turn it down to medium-low heat for the 25 minutes while you stir. I turned my stovetop down to its “3” setting and while the mixture was still clearly boiling it wasn’t a crazy rolling boil. Just before the 25 minute mark it will start to grow in volume and turn white (you should use a big pot and not a saucepan for this reason). I did this twice and it worked perfectly. I added the color and extract, poured into bread pans sprayed with pam. and let chill. Don’t use foil because you get an uneven bottom that doesn’t look pretty. After chilling overnight set the bottom of the pan in a bigger pan filled with hot water to help start to get them loose. Run a knife around the outside and just pull it out as 1 huge piece (it won’t break, it holds together very well). Flip over onto a cutting board coated with sugar and cut with a knife that has been heated under hot water and dryed. You’ll need to rinse and dry the knife every few cuts. Also last note – 3/4″ cubes are way too big! 1/4 – 1/2″ seem better and will probably help with crystalizing too since they are smaller.

    My gumdrop picture:

  88. Wow Definitely gonna try this!!!

  89. Just finished making these! A little tricky to get into squares but so worth it! These are very similar to what we used to get from my great grandmother when I was young ;)

  90. Wow…just when I manage to conquer my cravings for gummy candies, you show me how to make them from scratch! Can’t wait to give them out as gifts. I am going to bust out my gelatin and all-natural food coloring for this pronto. Thanks for the share.

  91. Love this recipe! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  92. So I attempted to make these wonderful things and within 10 minutes of boiling the sugar/gelatin mixture, it burned. I had it on medium high heat just like the recipe says…can anyone please provide some tips on preventing this ? I can’t imagine going 25 minutes without burning! Thank you. !!!!

  93. I first saw the picture for the gumdrops on Pinterest (& of course pinned it!). It’s so much fun. Then David Lebovitz picked it up and FB’d it. I can’t wait to try it. They are wonderful and I hope you think worth the learning curve!!! Thanks so much for sharing such a fun treat!

  94. They look so amazing, but when I stirred constantly over medium heat they burnt after 10 minutes. Is it supposed to say 2-5 minutes instead of 25? I really wanted these to work!

  95. Help!! I tried making this but used regular (grape) Jello gelatin instead of the unflavored gelatine. I figured it would work the same. Wrong! I kept it in the fridge overnight and it didn’t set up properly. It’s still very liquidy. Any ideas?

  96. I made these on Friday afternoon and we tried them today. Like several others I fell like they are still kind of mushy in the middle. I was hoping they would be more firm like a commercial brand (sans the chemicals and the non-pronounceable ingredients) but, they are more like room temperature jello rolled in sugar. The recipe was super easy to follow though. I also sprayed a cooking spray in my pans but, wiped it around with a paper towel to remove any excess oil. My daughter LOVES them which is great! I was just hoping they would firm up a bit more. Anyone have any ideas? I didn’t have any issues with the mixture camelizing or burning. I did find that medium-high heat for the full 35 minutes was too hot so I kept turning the temp down but making sure I maintained a consistent boil.

  97. How long do the gumdrops keep, if made now will they keep to give as Christmas gifts?

  98. I will make these!

  99. Could you use jell-o straight from the pkg.? It already has the color, flavor & the gelatin in the box.

  100. Ooooh, the grownup flavors that come to mind…. jalepeno, black pepper, hot cinnamon….! Thanks for the recipe!

  101. I tried making these three times, and every time the mix turned to toffee, even on low heat and less time. Not sure what I missed, but really want them to work. Advice?

  102. You can even try adding unsweetened cool aid to the mix to make it more like sour gummies and roll in citric acid (vit C powder).

  103. I made these as a special treat for my younger brothers – and they turned out great!

    The insides are a bit on the mushier-side – but they’re definitely holding together – so I’m wondering if they’ll firm up a bit over the next few (patient waiting) days.

    I used disposable foil tins, sprayed them with pam, and sliced the gummy-block with a warmed pizza-cutter (I love my pizza cutter – in fact I use it for a lot of things; pita chips, puff pastry dough, and now gum-drops!)

    We tried lemon, strawberry, and orange. :)

    (I’m seriously considering coffee-flavored ones for a friend who loves coffee and all things gummy…LOL!)

  104. Okay, I just tried these and the whole thing was a bust. I stirred for 20 minutes over medium-high heat and it burned. I have no idea why, if the recipe is correct, that mine burned. I felt like 25 minutes seemed like an awful long amount of time and at medium-high heat. Please help me to understand what I did wrong!

  105. I have some juice left over from making jelly and was thinking I would like to use it to make candy–gumdrops specifically. I just don’t know how much of the water i should replace with the juice. I guess trial and error and taste testing is the best way to figure it out.

  106. Tried to make this today, my sugar kept burning:(

    I have set it in the refrigerator…. hope it comes out ok:)

  107. I’m making these right now except I’m replacing the water with espresso.

  108. That is such a cute idea!! The goodie bags are adorable!

  109. Are these gluten free?

  110. Gorgeous! I am a little intimidated by sweets but I want t give these a try

  111. This is what i should be making for the kids treats instead of buying candy from the store. I wonder if any alternative sweeteners will work.

  112. Little sister is making these for fair! Hopefully a blue ribbon!?

  113. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of a fun easy project. I would love to feature your recipe on my website too. Come on over and check it out!

  114. Yum, this is a fun project to make with kids.

  115. I would love to try these, your photos are amazing!!

  116. so are these the consistency of jello or like orange slices

  117. These look so amazing and i cannot wait to try them. I was wondering, can make these gumdrops with flavored geletian, for example, sugar free jello or regular flavored jello

  118. hi bakerella jst wondering if the gum drops haddd to have evry thing ex actly mesured b/c i triied and the lil cubes just meltedSOS!!!!!

  119. hi i wus just wondering if there was any more kool candy recipies?????/

  120. I used to make these as a kid growing up at Christmas time and made them red and green. They are so good and yummy. Fun treat.

  121. hi guys =)

    i tried this recipe and they are now crystallizing the second day, still jello like inside… i did all what the recipe said hm… is the room temperature important? hope they get tuffi inside and not stay jello like =/

    but made fun to make them haha i hope the best ;p they look an taste delicious but not the end product i wanted to have… waitin now some more days, reportin ;)

  122. The only thing that I can say to help everyone out is …….. measure out the jello. Do one batch at a time, do not double or triple the batch. Also do not go over the 8×8 pan. I hope that this helps everyone. I know in reading there was a lot of questions and not that many answers. It is my third time redoing the gum drops.

  123. These are so beautiful but WAY too sweet! Do you think it’s possible to make them with less sugar or will that change the texture? Or maybe rolling them in the sour stuff??? Thanks!

  124. I made these for Christmas as a part of my treats bag and they were the most talked about candy in there :) I was stressing out because I’ve never made them before, but your instructions were perfect and they turned out beautifully. My partner was going to eat the entire tub of them if I wasn’t watching him the whole time.
    Thank you so much!

  125. 25 minutes was WAY too long. at 19 minutes they started top burn. I am praying they still come out ok as I do not have time to redo them. The person who wrote this must have been using cheap pots. If you have stainless steel or cast iron you on need about 15 minutes on the stove.

  126. I’ve tried this but couldn’t find gelatin at the shops and went with jelly…they are melting!!
    Can I make the assumption that they will only work with gelatin?

  127. I should have read comment first!!!! They are so pretty I had to try, mine were brown! I just put them in the fridge so I don’t know if they will work but I tasted the brown mixture and they don’t taste burnt. SO I guess we’ll see. I am so dissapointed I wanted pretty ones!!

  128. Just finished making these as holiday gifts for all the people I work with. The cute is killing me! Hopefully everyone likes them! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  129. Yes, oils not extracts. My brother and I just finished 8 batches using 8 different oils and they turned out great.

    We used aluminum disposable containers sprayed with Pam and I cannot recommend them enough. They literally pulled right out, the whole batch in one piece, then we cut into strips and cut each strip with kitchen shears.

    We’re planning to use these on our gumdrop tree for Christmas, thanks for the recipe and beautiful pictures!

  130. Should it really be flavored oils rather than extracts? The recipe was easy to make and they look great, but they don’t taste like I thought they would. I used more extract than called for, but wonder if it shouldn’t be the oils?

  131. I just tried to make these after reading all the comments. My first batch burned ugh The second batch started to burn and I took it off the burner and filled my pans. I did use cooking spray and the foam from the cooking spray is now a layer on the top?? I think the cooking spray is swirled in from when I put the coloring and flavoring in. We will see, they are setting up. I don’t want to give up!!! Yours look so beautiful :)

  132. I just tried to make these and ended up with a burnt mess after only 15 minutes of cooking (stirring constantly). Do you know what temperature they are supposed to be cooked to? I want to try again but for my stove and pot the time seemed off so I would love to use a thermometer instead. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  133. So I made these today, but instead of flavoring and food coloring, I made koolaid minus the sugar and used that instead as my source of water, flavor, and color. It turned out very nicely. I must admit this is a lot of pure sugar to eat at once.

  134. I made these but they cooked too fast and turned brown (sugar carmellized and burnt). If they look like they are starting to turn color turn them off and they are done. My mistake- never made candy before. I suppose stovetops vary. Next time I will cook a bit lower and watch more carefully. I did stir constantly and thought I followed directiions to a t but did not take stove variation into consideration and although I had a gut feeling the brown was a bad sign continued cooking for 25 minutes …I still had 5 minutes to go when the first clue of the brown :( so always go with yor gut. Also if you use peppermint oil just know it is way more potent than extract- my second mistake. The packaging is extremely cute and I cannot wait to try once more.

  135. I just tried making these – and as others have said, I got a carmely gloppy mess….. Right at the 10 minute mark…

    Can anyone advise what happened?? The site owner has yet to come back and answer anyone…


  136. I’ve done them but they result as gelatin little squares, delicious though, but jello, not gumdrops

  137. Just finished making these. They look great! We will wait until they crystallize before we can comment on the taste. The easiest way to cut these up was to use kitchen scissors dipped frequently in hot water. We used well-oiled foil pans and peeled them back as we were cutting.

  138. Yummy!!!!!!!!!”,!’!,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. The gum drops look yummy but I absolutely love the photos!! Definitely frame worthy!

  140. cant wait to make!!

  141. This looks so delish!!! :) What is the recommended pan type and size to make this easier to do?

  142. Hello, I just find your blog and I love it!! I´from México and I love everything you do, your cake pops ando desserts are so beauttyfull. I hace a doubt, can I made spicy gumdrops using this recipe? Thanks!! You’re the best!

  143. hi angie i tried making gum drops replacing sam quantity of gelatin with carrageenan……..but they turned out little salty plz help……n also i would lik u to start a secton…”ask angie” whr we can ask u all r queries n u ans them in 2-3 days or so……thxs

  144. If I was trying to keep with a theme would the gelatin hold a “white” color or would it just look sickly?
    I’d like to do a “Frost” theme with blue and white.

  145. These are great… just made them for a candy buffet table I am putting together. Thank you. Love your site!!!

  146. So I tried this and my candy turned out dark brown and hard. I think the 25 minutes is wrong? where did I go wrong?!

  147. Anyone tried making these with agar agar flakes or another substitute for gelatin by chance?

  148. I just made the gumdrops…….the worst part of making them is chilling them overnight and then waiting two days to crystalize! I am so excited about these….I have tried other recipes and they are basically jello blocks rolled in sugar. I did line my pan with parchment paper as suggested by another reader, and so am hoping it comes off the paper easily. Anyway, your site is awesome, and love the uptown-downhome feel of your recipes. So pleased I found your site. Thanks for all the great recipes!

  149. What a great idea! They would be perfect for my son’s birthday favors. What program did you use to create the labels? TIA!

  150. Bakerella,

    These were SOOO much fun to make! Everyone was pretty impressed that they were homemade. I loved making them but I have a question. Mine turned out to still be pretty soft in the middle, even after crystallizing for 2 days. Did yours? Or how do I fix that? Thank you! You are so incredible and a huge inspiration to me! Thanks for all you do. PS Im really glad you and your mom are feeling better. God is using you in a powerful way. Dont ever stop :)

  151. We have been making gumdrops for that past few years as Christmas treats and have definitely learned some lessons! Line the pans completely with foil. Then once the gelatin is set you can simply lift the whole block out and cut it outside of the pan! So much easier. Also try some natural flavors- they are amazing! I think our favorites have been anything citrus (using fresh-squeezed juice and zest), and coconut (using coconut milk, and rolling them in toasted coconut sugar!). Now I am pining for gumdrops… Love your packaging!

  152. Can I use flavored gelatine instead?

  153. I made these super fun and easy. The only thing I would change is it says only a drop or two of flavoring…..I really think they need more than that!

  154. I just made these, and I have a few questions: 1) is it okay if the mixture caramelizes a bit? It was fine until the 10 minute mark, and then I saw strands of brown forming! I stirred even faster after that, but it continued to caramelize (though more evenly). It also seemed to end up a bit ‘gritty’, which seems to happen to me a lot when I try to make my own candies. Why is this? Would it happen because of using hard water (which is what comes out of my tap)? Too high of heat? My pans have very nice, thick bottoms, so I don’t think that’s an issue. 2) When I added the flavouring (I chose mint), I think it all evaporated out! How much can I let the mixture cool before adding the flavouring next time?
    I really love making my own candies, so I really hope these turn out!

  155. how freakin cute! :)

  156. Can we use agar agar instead of gelatin? Jus wondering… If it’ll work I’ll make some rightaway :)

  157. These are so fun. I am going to make these for a bake sale for a sweet 5 year old boy in my neighborhood that has cancer. I’m making them blue and yellow. Blue because that’s his favorite color and yellow because that is the color used to bring awareness of childhood cancer. Now I just have to decide on flavors.

  158. cute! have you tried making different shapes with mini cutters? just wondering if you think that would work.

  159. OMG Bakerella, I’m about a few weeks new to your website, with some free time on my hands tonite, I have been on your website for 3 hours already :) And got a list of what sweets are next. I’ve been doing cake pops, cupcakes, choc.dipped everything lol, and a few other treats for a while now, and decided I wanted to expand my baking knowledge and skills, I saw the ice cream cone cake pops before and when I googled it I got your website (Thank you Google!) Although it was so simple I was giving all my credit to you, after sharing it with family on a Sunday afternoon, I got an order from my brother-in-law that following Saturday :) And I just got done cutting and sugaring my goodie goodie gumdrops, perfect, no problems at all just waiting for it to crystallize. THANK YOU BAKERELLA! Your my baking lady role model :)

  160. That is a cool recipe.

  161. Love it! My favorite!! Loved the name! When I was in school for design I had to make up a company. I called it “Goody Goody Gumdrops” and it was a gumdrop company! Thanks for your work!!!

  162. I made them!!! And they were yummy!!!!!! Thanks for the awesome recipe, it woked perfectly!!! :)

  163. I would really like to try these sometime, they’re so cute.

  164. Can agar be used as a substitute?

  165. Yummy! Definitely gonna try these with my kids. Thanks!

  166. at first glance, i thought you had made pate de fruit and i was intrigued. haha. [:

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