Great news and random other stuff

Best news first. I’ve been approved to receive another kidney transplant and my mom has been approved to be the donor. The testing is complete. The doctors visited. The Ts crossed. Yay! Yay! Yay! So this week, we should find out more information about scheduling the surgery.

I’ve actually been doing pretty good lately. I don’t feel bad. I don’t feel sick. Just tired. The dialysis is working really well and keeping me going. Thank goodness for dialysis. Thank goodness for my mom. Once we have a date scheduled, I’m sure we will both be getting a lot more nervous, but until then we are so happy that things are moving forward. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

…and now some other stuff…


Blogher Food. Two weekends ago Blogher Food was in Atlanta and that meant several blogging friends were in town, too. I didn’t attend the conference this year, but I did meet up with some of them for lunch. This was one of the few fun things I’ve done lately. Thank you guys for such a great time! Photo courtesy of kevinandamanda. Links below to all of their awesome sites.

Back Row (l to r):
Reluctant Entertainer
Deal Seeking Mom
Recipe Girl
Food for my Family
Savory Sweet Life
She Wears Many Hats
Smith Bites
Georgia Pellegrini
Kevin and Amanda
Picky Palate
First Row:
Add a Pinch
Southern Plate
Tickled Red
Le Pomme de Portland


Cupcake Lovers. If you get a chance, check out the Betty Crocker Big Book of Cupcakes. Tons of recipes inside including this one from me.


iPad Owners. Cake Pops is now available in the iBook store. Being the Apple lover that I am and seeing this featurette made me smile BIG! You can download the iBook app for your iPad to see the sample pages if you want a peek. If you prefer your books in digital formats, you’ll like this version. It was created specifically for the iPad to stay true to the design of the book.


Brazilian Cake Poppers. A few weeks ago I showed you the Dutch version of the book. Well, now Brazil has its own version too. Yay!

Lastly, I was going to post some cupcakes I baked yesterday, unfortunately I didn’t like them enough to write about them. But on a positive note, I did bake.

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  1. YAY!!!!!! Thank Goodness for GREAT NEWS!!!!! Still praying and will continue to pray until you are baking and blogging as much as you want to be!!!!

  2. This is such great news, so happy to hear it! I keep checking everyday to see if you’ve posted any updates on how you’re doing. It’s wonderful to read wonderful news and that you’re back to baking! :)

  3. That is such great news. I’m so happy for you.

  4. Congrats to you! That is wonderful news! I have a cousin and an aunt who have gone through dialysis and kidney transplants too. How lucky that your mom can be a donor!

    I just found your blog over the weekend and rushed out to buy Cake Pops. My son and I made our first batch for a Memorial Day Barbecue, and they were a big hit with everybody. Yesterday I hit two book stores in search of another copy of your book (they were both sold out), and then ordered from Amazon for the birthday of a friend. You’ve got me hooked!

  5. So very happy for you on your news of the transplant approval. YIPPEE!!!!! Glad to hear that you’ve been feeling better. You’ll be baking up a storm in no time! God bless you and your mother.

  6. Thank God for good news! I am from Brazil and I am sure the Portuguese version of your book will be a huge success around here. I already own one in English…. Hope to see you back in the circuit very shorthly! Wish you the best!! Can I post in my blog about your book? Let me know. Thanks Margaret

  7. So excited for you!! That is a true blessing!
    Wish I could have seen you at BlogHer Food!

  8. Ha..great news huh ? ? I think it’s F A N T A S T I C ! ! ! !
    Continued hugs,many thoughts and prayers your way.
    Also, the picture is great, what a happy group of ladies.

  9. Great News!!! Our prayers are with you and your Mom. You deserve the very best.

  10. Great to hear you are doing well. It was SO great to see you in Atlanta at BlogHer Food. You look wonderful. Stay in touch and so glad to hear your wonderful news

  11. Wow e Wow!!! congrats on all your news… I think u should have posted your cupcakes even though you didn’t like them! It would give those of us that suck at the cake pops a good laugh and motivate us that even the best… need to keep trying!

  12. Fabulous news! So happy for you.

  13. So glad to hear your happy news! Hope the surgery goes great…and that looks like a super-fun lunch!

  14. I’m soooo happy for your good news!!! I bet your mother is also excited about this great news!! I’m just sooo happy!! Even this is the first step, still it’s a GREAT NEWS!!! And also i’m glad to hear that you are feeling good :-)

  15. Fantastic news!

  16. wonderful news! the very best of the best for you & your mom!!

  17. congrats on all the great news……….so much to share with us………..

    take care and sending hugz across the miles, all the way from australia

  18. So glad to hear from you and even better that it’s good news =o)

  19. Congrats! I am so thankful. I prayed for you since I found out. Do you need help fundraising? I can just imagine how cute some kidney shaped cake pops would be. I am going to medical school so I can help make a difference in people’s lives like yours and I know many other med students who would donate a dollar or two to the cause. Let me know!

  20. Great news!!!

  21. I’m so glad that you are getting a transplant. Bless you and your mother, too. I can’t find your book in the iBooks store!! Can someone help?

  22. I kept peeking back at your site, hoping more for good news than for Cake Pop fun, LOL!

    I’m very happy for you and wish you and your mom the beat for the upcoming surgery :)

  23. So happy to have read your good news this morning (UK time)! Praying that the next steps go smoothly for both you and your mother, for a successful surgery and a not too uncomfortable recovery for you both. Prayers and happy vibes coming your way.

  24. I am so happy to hear your good news! Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted on your progress!

  25. Thank God, you still in my prayers

  26. I am so happy that everything is working out. I have you amd your mom in my prayers. Hang in there. Hugs Paulette

  27. Great news! So happy to hear you will have a happy kidney :)

  28. yayyy I’m so glad to see you’re doing better and that God provided for you! :)

  29. Than is amazing news . Wishing you and your mum all the best ! My fave decorating sulpy shop here is NZ has sold out of your book so cool! Good luck x

  30. I have been wondering and wondering about this – SOOOOOOO happy for you and your mom to be a match! That is wonderful news!

  31. so glad you are doing better. my prayers are with you. take care

  32. That’s great news! Will keep praying for you, and for your Mom.

  33. Yay – so happy about your transplant news!

  34. First of all Yay for an iPad book of Cake pops. But even bigger yay!!!! for your mom being a match!

  35. yay!!!!!!!!!!

    i’m so glad for the best news (yipe!!) everything will be ok soon!

  36. Oh Angie…so happy to see your new entry today! And SSSSOOOOOOOOO glad to hear about your great news…Praise God!!! I am very glad to hear that you baked cupcakes! I miss you!!!
    I will keep praying for you, your mom and your doctors!!

  37. So happy for you! I am overjoyed to know that your mom is able to donate your “Gift”!

    This news has made my heart smile!

  38. Great news all around but I’m happiest about the kidney donor match! I hope all goes well and you continue to feel good while you are awaiting your surgery. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  39. I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy you are feelling better and your mommy is a match, almost every day I would come and check to see if you had posted something about your healthy, God bless all the procedures from now on…and your and your mom be ok!!! By the way, I’m from Brazil, so proud to have a brazilian version of your book, ya ya ya! Have a wonderful week!!!!

  40. YAAAAAA . . . sooooo happy for you!!!!! :o)

  41. So, so happy to hear your great news!!! I have missed you.

  42. Congratulations!
    Wonderful news all around.

  43. Yeaaaaaa, I’m so glad you were approved for another kidney and that it will be coming from your mom. Wow! Wow!

    Congrats on getting your book translated in Portuguese! I’m sure Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries could benefit from that book as well. Ótimo! Parabens!

  44. That is such, such, such wonderful news. I’ve been praying for you. And it was so much fun spending time with you! I hope we can do it again very soon! xo

  45. That’s such great news! Glad to hear you’ve been feeling good.

    I bought your book today and am planning to make some cake pops for my son’s birthday party. I was thinking some tricolour (red, orange, and yellow) pops to color coordinate with the Indiana Jones theme. And now I’ll know exactly how to do it!

  46. Congratulations on the wonderful news; I hope things go quickly and smoothly for you both. I also wanted to say that I love your baking; I’m in Australia and am just starting on my second batch of cake pops (from scratch as our packet mixes aren’t too great!). My cousin told me about your blog and I was hooked from the very second the page loaded :o)

  47. I’ve been waiting for an update from you…so glad to hear from you….you’re such an inspiration…i hope and pray for everything to turn out fine for you!

  48. what great news!

    by the way, I saw some cake pops at a Starbucks in an airport in Japan the other day. I can’t help think that this spread in cake pop popularity is because of your amazing blog and book!

  49. Awesome! Wonderful news.


  50. Glad to hear this great news!.. Move ahead positively.. Hope is always there for u!.. You and your mum will be blessed with Good health!!!..

  51. Wow, I’m SO happy for you and your mom. What a relief to get THAT news so you can get ready for the next step. Prayin’ for you both and the surgical team.

  52. Bakerella,
    I am so happy you’re getting a new kidney and thrilled to see you’ve posted something new. I have been checking your site regularly to see if you’ve posted any updates and missing them like crazy when they’re not there. Yours was the first food blog I ever read (I found it because I stumbled upon your Coraline cookies) and it inspired me to start mine.
    Can’t wait until you’re back to posting yummy things!!

    xx Tasha

  53. Wonderful news Angie….you and your Mom shall be in my prayers….Godspeed!

  54. I am very happy that you will be getting a new kidney. I have been praying and hoping you would be a good match with your mother.

  55. Awesome news! Congratulations!

  56. I am so glad to hear from you!

  57. oh Bakerella! I’ve been so worried for you, and I’ve been praying for you and your mom. I am so happy for you!!! You’re the sweetest, funniest gal, and deserve a long and happy life :) I’ll keep you in my prayers.

    Awesome about the new versions too!

  58. Soooo happy to hear that it’s a go for the transplant. You are so lucky to have a mother that can do this for you!

  59. Congrats on your great news!

  60. That is wonderful news! I’m sending lots of positive thoughts your way!

  61. what great news! so glad to hear that your mom can be your donor!! prayers and strength to you and your mom for much success and a speedy recovery!

    it’s so amazing to read everyone’s comments and see what an impact you’ve had around the world! makes me feel like a bit of an underachiever but i sure can’t wait to see what you have in store once you’ve gotten your new kidney! (no pressure… i’m just amazed! :) )

  62. Ohhh, that’s awesome that your launching the book in Brazil! However, I’m getting my iPad version right now ;)
    Beijos (that’s kisses in portuguese)

  63. great news indeed! we’ve missed you! :)

  64. So excited for your best news!! Every time I pass by your book in a store, I always tell whoever I am with about you and cross my fingers you’re doing well.

  65. So happy to hear your good news! Continued prayers!

  66. Wonderful news!!!

  67. So glad you’re doing well and that things are looking up! I look forward to hearing more updates, and in time, seeing new projects and recipes. :)

  68. That is such wonderful news!!! Continued prayers for you adn your mother. Love her heart, mothers are the best thing EVER! And your mother is a gem!!!

  69. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Bakerella’s book portuguese version..
    i need now Y.Y

  70. I’m so happy you’re doing so well and you are approved to receive a kidney from your mom! That’s awesome!

    Congratulations on the Brazilian book! Second translated book.. you’re a hit world wide!!! :)

  71. Awwweee – this is WONDERFUL news!!!!!

  72. So glad to hear your great news!!!!! Stay strong, it will all work out in the end!

  73. What wonderful news! Thanks for keeping us updated.

  74. So excited to see a post from you and especially happy after I read it and got your NEWS! I know how thrilled you and your family must be to be moving forward in such a positive way! You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy surgery and recovery! Glad you are feeling well enough to bake! Yea!

  75. This may sound slightly stalker-ish, since you don’t actually know me and I’ve never commented before, but I am so relieved to hear the good news! I’ve checked your blog daily for about a year and when you got sick, my heart ached for you. I hope you’ll continue to keep us updated on your progress. I’m sure it’s awkward sharing such personal information on the internet, but you have many fans out here in internet land who are pulling for a speedy and successful recovery for both you and your mom.

    Good luck!

  76. So glad to read another post from you! Will be hoping ALL THE BEST for you, your mom & your family! Take care!

  77. I’m so happy you’re getting a kidney! I’ll keep praying for everything to go well.

  78. I am so glad that you’re back with great news! (:
    I’m sure we ALL are Bakerella! :D

  79. Glad to hear you’re doing well! I work on a rehab unit at a nursing home and have seen many people going through dialysis. I knew one woman who had been doing it for more than 20 years!

  80. So glad to hear the news, may you always feel better then the day before.

  81. Hi!

    God is good and faithful! I am so happy about your wonderful news. Prayers are with you and your family.

    Offer from a complete stranger (except for that time you graciously e-mailed me with answers to my cake pop questions)– I live in your general area and would be willing to help you (and your site) in any way. Feel free to e-mail.

  82. Praise God you are doing well! We don’t know each other personally, but reading your blog I feel like we are family. We will keep you in our prayers!

  83. So happy to see a post from you!! I’ve been worried about you as I’m sure many other fans been as well! How awesome is it that you have a momma so wonderful that she’ll give you a kidney!! Praise God!

    Prayers go up for you and your mom!

  84. I’m so happy for you. Was getting worried since there were no recent posts. Been checking every day. God bless and hope it all goes smoothly. You’ll be in my prayers. Hugs.

  85. I’m so glad to hear the good news! I hope the operation goes well for you and your mom!

  86. I’m so happy you’ve good news!

  87. Great news! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom as you move ahead. You are such an inspiring person ;)

  88. Miss Bakerella: Was beginning to get very worried about you!! Very glad that you received the good news about yourself and your mother being a match for the kidney!! Keeping ya’ll in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!!

  89. That’s really wonderful! I hope you’ll soon hear about the scheduled date. Be well!

  90. Wow! Looks like the world of Bakerella is finally looking up. So many exciting things going on. You bring so much happiness to all of your followers. It’s great so see you are on your way to recovery!

  91. glad to see you’re back… the bakerella/mom match is great news! Prayers from Texas!

  92. So excited and relieved about your health update. We can breathe easier when we know both you and your mom are all right post surgery…

    Congrats on your many successes with Cake Pop :)

  93. Wonderful news! I am so happy for you. I made some cake pops for a BBQ this weekend and thought of you. :)

  94. Congratulations on you’re mother being approved! I hope that the surgery goes well, and that you’ll recover as soon as humanely possible.

  95. So glad you are feeling better. I love love your book and your website and I follow you on Facebook too. You are an inspiration!

  96. So glad that you are feeling better… I hope all goes well and I will keep you in my prayers.. I love your blog and all that you do.. I am downloading your book to my iPad as I type this…

    And I too made cupcakes yesterday that I wasn’t too happy with but onto the next one for the success right?

  97. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! I’ve said this before, but you’re one of my favorite bloggers, and definitely the most positive, and I’m glad you’ll be able to stick around with us for a bit longer!

  98. felicidades animo dios te bendiga y seguimos aqui esperandote nuevamente, que todo salga muy bien y seguimos rezando por ti desde monterrey mexico

  99. First of all, I’m very happy with the great news!!! Everything will be allright!!!!
    Then, I have to say that I can’t wait to have my cake pops book in Portuguese!!!!!!! that’s wonderfull!!!!! Thanks!!!

  100. That IS wonderful news! Keeping you (and your mom) in my prayers!


  102. Aren’t Moms just the most amzing creatures on earth! So, so very happy for you! God be with you and your Mom!

  103. Praise God!!! Prayers were answered!! So happy to hear your feeling good. God Bless you and your Mom!!!

  104. Yay! This truly is great news!

  105. We are so happy for such a great update!!

  106. So incredibly happy for you. Prayers and happy thoughts for you and your Mom! Take care and I hope you feel better soon. And conrats on iPad Cake Pops!

  107. yay for the great news! Good luck with everything!

  108. yay!!! the Brazillian book!! cant wait to buy it!!
    and im really glad that your mom is a match!!!

  109. Such wonderful news about the transplant!! Keep you spirits up, we’re praying for you both. Peace.

  110. The Brazilians are very happy to have their own version of Cake Poppers!!!!

  111. I’m SO happy for you and the great news! You and your mom will remain in my prayers–

  112. So glad for the wonderful report!!! We continue to keep you in prayer and your wonderful mom! Congrats on the book coming out in Brazil too!!!! Love the the whole world gets to share in your genius creativity!!!

  113. Grateful for your positive news! Continued prayers for good outcomes for both you and your mom.

  114. I am so excited for you! Prayers, transplant is not has bad as it sounds. Meds took me about 8 weeks to get them all set correctly.

  115. Good to hear from you and that you are progressing toward a healthy future! God bless you and your mom – she must be quite a gal!

  116. So happy to hear your great news! I hope that everything goes super smoothly for you and your mom. Will be thinking about you over the upcoming weeks. xo

  117. Great news! And, you look great!

  118. It’s so nice to hear you are feeling good AND getting a new kidney! YAY!

  119. YAY, that is awesome news, Angie!!! Just take it easy, the blog and baking will wait. :)

  120. Congrats on the good news!!

  121. AbFAB News, Bakerella!!!! So glad you are one day closer to your new kidney and one priceless experience closer to your mom!! XOXOXO to you and your mom
    Thanks SO much for autographing my book; I’ve been having fun bragging about it, ’cause you’re the bomb!

  122. I’m so glad you updated and are getting ready to schedule your surgery! So amazing I’m sure it’ll go perfectly!

    And congrats on the iPad version, being in the Betty Crocker book and the Brazil version!!

  123. So happy to see your newest post, and glad to hear all is humming along for you. Only happy thoughts!

  124. Yay, great news!

  125. Glad to hear you are baking. I wish you would have posted your goodies because most of the stuff you make is 10 times better than what I can come up with.

  126. It’s so great to hear from you! I am so glad things are beginning to work out in your favor. I had to miss Blogher in Atlanta and I really hate that I missed seeing you again! We will keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming your way!

  127. Congratulations!!! So glad you are feeling better and things have pan out in favor :)

  128. Congrats, and I wish you luck and good health. Feel good soon :D

  129. Hooray! So excited to hear your good news! :0)

  130. Yaay! I’m so happy for you! Gosh, I’ve been worried. Great to know you’ll be back with a bang real soon. :)

  131. As a Mom who donated a kidney to her daughter last December, I can relate as to how you and your Mom must feel! It is a wonderful feeling to hear those words… “you can be the donor…” We both feel absolutely wonderful, and it was an incredible process. We will look forward to your updates as the surgery and recovery nears.

  132. I am so happy for you! :) and very cool with the translated books! i have yet to see a danish translation, but I have seen the english version in danish stores :)

  133. I am so glad you got the green light for the transplant. We will keep you in our prayers!

  134. So happy about your good news and so happy you were able to see a bunch of friends. Continued prayers to you and your mom!

  135. It’s so great to know that it’s all working out for you!

    And it’s also great to know that we can buy your book in portuguese! I’m fom Brazil, and it’s amazing that we already have this cute book in our own language!

  136. So glad to hear your good news!

  137. I am so very happy for you!!! I know you have a ways to go before things are back to normal, but what great news for you! Hooray!!

  138. That is such wonderful news. Yah for mother’s with hearts as big as the world. I’m so glad she’s able to give you this precious gift.

  139. So thankful that you are doing better, and also that you are approved for your transplant. Much love to you and your mom!

  140. wonderful news!!!!

  141. Yay! I can’t wait to grab my copy!! Woohooo!
    Now in Brazilian Portuguese:
    Eba! Mal posso esperar pra agarrar minha cópia!! Uuuhuuuul!

  142. I check back every day to see if you posted something new – and today was my lucky day!

    So glad to hear that all the ducks are aligned for your surgery and glad that you finally were able to bake something.

    Keep your chin up – things can only get better!

  143. I am so happy to hear the good news about your transplant. God Bless you and your mother, I will pray that the surgery is a success.

    Best to You!
    Amy R.

  144. Yea!!!!!

  145. what great news! so happy for you.

  146. Hooray for healthy times to come!

    Now that it’s summer and I have some time on my hands, I think I will finally try some cake pops!

  147. I am so happy that your mother is a match. What a gift for both of you. I have a dear friend who received his gift last year and he is amazing to see. So healthy, happy and taking the world by storm.
    My prayers will continue to cover you but your healing is on it’s way.

  148. So Glad to hear this great news! I am so happy that you are on the path to recovery….Victory!


  149. Very good to hear from you!!
    Wish u all the luck!

  150. What wonderful news! I will be keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. Life is much sweeter with gorgeous people like you in this world, so I am very happy to hear you will be getting stronger and healthier soon. Best wishes from Australia.

  151. So glad to hear that you are feeling better and are on the road the recovery! Congratulations on the match! I have been holding my breath waiting for another post from you and hoping for good news! Keep baking… And smiling! (:

  152. So glad to read that you are doing better! Prayers for a safe transplant and a speedy recovery to you both! <3

  153. What great news! Praying that it all goes well…Congratulations!

  154. I was just popping in to see how you were feeling, what a pleasant update. A big hug to you and you mom!

    Have you ever considered doing guest bloggers during the time you’ll need for recovery and healing? I’ve got a few amazing recipes up my sleeves I’d love to share with your lovely blog readers!

  155. Great news, so happy to hear you’re feeling better!!

  156. Wonderful news! My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your Mom. Please keep us updated as often as you can – there are so many of us who really care about you!

  157. Congrats on the news about your kidney, I am so happy for you!!!

  158. Yay for you! :D Congratulations on all levels!

  159. Son fantásticas las nuevas noticias!!!! Por favor, el siguiente libro en español ;)

    Salu2, Paula

  160. Am so glad for you! Wishing you Good luck, a quick recovery and good health. Much love & prayers coming your way…..

  161. Yey! I’m glad to know Brazil has it’s own version, now! Are you coming to sign them? lol


  162. WOO HOO! Great news about the transplant and your mom as donor! Two answered prayers! We love you so much, Bakerella. I’m glad you got to have a fun lunch and have some other things to smile about. Thanks for the update!

  163. this is great news…you are in my prayers. by the way, i’m so excited coz hubby promised to give me the Cake Pops book as his anniversary gift to me :) God bless!

  164. Congratulations on the match! Keep us posted on the surgery. I’m glad you got to have some fun at BlogHer Food! You sound like you needed the break :)

  165. Great to hear the news! Missed you…

  166. So happy to hear your news!! Good luck and keep us posted! You inspire me :)

  167. So, SO happy for you, Angie! Prayers are coming your way. :)

  168. Yey! Such great news that you’re feeling better and that your mom is a match!!!!

    Also, I’m so happy to be able to get your book over here in BRAZIL! We love you Bakerella <3


  169. So happy to hear you are doing well and everything is moving along beautifully regarding the transplant.

  170. So happy for you! :)

  171. SO happy for you! And hooray for awesome moms! Hope you are feeling 100% again very soon.

  172. Excellent news! I hope all goes well and you’re back to filling our days with delicious and beautiful treats. Best of luck to you and your mom! Lots of love all the way from Portugal!

  173. Great news! I am so glad to hear you are feeling well right now and things are moving forward with your kidney transplant! My thoughts are with you! Take care and best of luck!

  174. I am SO HAPPY to hear your kidney news!! So thankful!

  175. So glad to hear all your good news! Take good care of yourself.

  176. Yea!!!!!!! So glad you will receive a kidney and from your mom. What a tremendous blessing!!!

    Also happy to hear you baked, then I know you must be on the road to recovery ;)

  177. Glad things are moving forward in your recovery. Prayers and healing thoughts are coming your way!

  178. CONGRATS!!! prayers answered for your kidney. Wishing you well and glad you made some cupcakes…they are always the best medicine!

  179. It is wonderful that your mom is a match. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a date not too far into the future and a speedy complete recovery for both of you!

  180. I’m glad to hear your mom was a match for you !!
    good luck :-)

  181. So happy to hear your good news! I have been wondering and sending good karma your way!

  182. good news!! congratulations!!
    a big hug

  183. Wow, congratulations! What GREAT news! Sending prayers your way :)

  184. I’m so happy for you! I hope the transplant goes well.

  185. Yay!
    I Just knew your mom was going to be a match!
    I cant stop smiling.
    You just made my day!

  186. Happy to hear this good news. Hang in there! Good thoughts and vibes your way.

  187. I am very happy to hear things are moving forward!!

  188. Glad to hear your good news! I’ve been wondering how things were going- I hope they continue to get better!

  189. Congrats on your mom being an approved donor. :)

  190. So happy to hear your news and that you are feeling better. We’ll keep you in our prayers.

  191. What fab news! Keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out for you :)

  192. So happy to hear the good news, been thinking and worrying for you a lot. Lots of good luck wishes from me.

    Hugs from a Swedish fan :)

  193. That is wonderful news! I hope everything goes smoothly.

  194. Hi! So good find a new post in your site… I love read your posts!…. Congrats for the transplant news, your cupcakes recipe in betty crocker, the app and the brazilian book… I hope you still feeling better… And im still waiting the cake pop book in spanish because im from Mexico!… So sorry my inglish suks :p
    God bles you.

  195. That is such good news!! Your mom must be a really special person.
    I wish you all the best with the operation. I’m sure everything will go splendidly and you’ll be baking goodies in no time!

  196. It’s nice to hear the good news. I love reading your blog. Hope you continue doing what you do best, so prayers from the Philippines!

  197. YAY!!! So good to hear you are doing well. You and your family will still be in my thoughts and prayers. And I love my cake pop book!!

  198. Excited to see a new post this morning, welcome back! Glad to read you are doing better and it is wonderful news about the approval for your transplant! Keep us posted and I will definitely keep you in my prayers!

  199. So happy you are doing better!! Will continue praying for you and your family! You are such an amazing baker- you really inspire me! (=

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