Two signings next month

Earlier this year I did a post announcing two more book signings for February.

One in San Francisco that I made it to and one in Minneapolis that I didn’t.

I got sick and had to cancel at the last minute. I wasn’t doing well as you know.

My transplanted kidney was failing and I had to unexpectedly start dialysis in March.

By June I was off dialysis because I received another kidney transplant thanks to the wonderful gift of life from my mom.

Now, it’s September. Several months later and I am doing great. Mom, too. Feeling worlds better and I’m so grateful.

Your kindness during those tough months still means so much to me. Thank you.

It’s been a crazy year, but next month on October 8th, I’ll be in Minnesota for the book signing I missed in February. Yay!

If you had planned on coming last time, I hope you can make it again. I would love to meet you guys, share cake pop stories and give you a big hug.

Coincidentally, I’m also going to be in San Francisco again later in October. My mom and I will be attending a charity event with my publisher benefitting the National Kidney Foundation that serves Northern California. Chronicle was kind enough to make a donation. I love those guys.

While I’m there, I’ll be doing a book signing at the Chronicle Headquarters store. Hope you can come by and say hi. There will be more hugs.

Here are the details for both.


Saturday, October 8, 2011
12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Williams-Sonoma – Edina Galleria Mall
3512 Galleria Williams-Sonoma #717
Edina, MN, 55435


Friday, October 21, 2011
12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Chronicle Books Corporate Headquarters
680 Second Street
San Francisco, CA 94107


I just wanted to let you know.

I also want to let you know that I made some really cute cake pops this weekend. I just need to finish the photos and pull the post together.

Want to take a guess what I made?
The first person to guess correctly will win a signed Cake Pops book.
One guess per comment please.

Here’s a hint: It’s a cartoon character.

If no one guesses correctly, I’ll do a random draw.

Deadline to leave your guess on this post is Monday, September 12 at 9 pm ET. Time’s Up. Cake Pop and Winner announced here.

Good Luck!

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1,104 comments on “Two signings next month”

  1. apples in a bushel basket :)

  2. Either the animals from The Lion King, or Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb (P & F is my new obsession)!

  3. Lucy from Charlie brown!

  4. Hello Kitty?

  5. I was gonna guess the Smurfs too! If you haven’t made them yet, HOW CUTE WOULD THEY BE?!!!

  6. I’m going to guess that it is snoopy

  7. Smurfs!

  8. Glad you are better!
    My guess is Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

  9. Angry Birds – has to be!

  10. Umm, Foghorn Leghorn. :)

  11. How about the surfs. Smurfette would be adorable!

  12. I am picturing the Smurfs (Smurfette would be so pretty)!

  13. bubble gum characters

  14. Dora the Explorer

  15. road runner

  16. Daffy Duck

  17. Curious George

  18. My guess would be the Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas…since Halloween isn’t that far away!

  19. casper the ghost

  20. Lion King?

  21. Bob the Builder?

  22. For some reason the first thing to pop into mind was Papa Smurf so that’s what I’m going with.

  23. Angry birds? Can’t wait to see!

  24. It’s probably a newer character but since I can’t decide between the 10-12 I’m thinking about I’ll just go with one of my all time favs and say Snoopy.

  25. I guess – Marvin the Martian! An oldie but a goodie… Or Astro boy!


  27. maybe a “cake pop book”? but that sounds impossible doesn’t it!! So glad you’re both feeling good :)

  28. Minnie Mouse!

  29. was going to go with smurfs…but will have to go with rio birds :)
    ps when are you coming to hawai’i? :)

  30. Caspar the Friendly Ghost?

  31. Simba from the Lion King

  32. Donald from Mickey mouse ?

  33. Lightning McQueen! :-D

  34. Miss Piggy?

  35. I guess the Smurfs.

  36. Jerry (from tom and jerry)

  37. The cat in the hat

  38. I’m guessing a Smurf.

  39. Garfield ? Glad you and your mom are feeling well.:-)

  40. I think you created cute little smurf cake pops! I really hope I am right because my neighbors and I debated this past weekend whether or not it could be done. My neighbors daughter wants a smurf party and wants smurf cake pops.

  41. Scooby-doo?

  42. I’m thinking Lion King… Simba? The movie comes out in 3D this week :)

  43. Rio’s Blu

  44. i think i am going to have to say, timmon from the lion king!!! btw, i just love ur ideas!!! please make another book soon!!!

  45. my guess is Mickey Mouse! I’m glad to hear you are feeling better.

  46. The mascot of your favorite pro football team! :) Or, something to do with football.

  47. since all my guesses where taken, I’ll say umizumi characters because my daughter is watching it right now!

  48. Random guess, but something patriotic, or firemen.

  49. Dora the explorer?

  50. Alvin from the Chipmunks

  51. Since it’s fall- I will guess Casper the Ghost, or Patrick( from Sponge Bob) Or withthe rerelase- the Lion King :)
    Glad you’re feeling better!

  52. Kermit the Frog :)

  53. Football themed?? :)

  54. Strawberry shortcake

  55. My guess is something to do with 9/11.

  56. A Smurf? Oh puuuuhleaaaase let it be a Smurf!!! :-) Love ya Bakerella! So glad to hear you’re doing well.

  57. Winnie the poo

  58. I will go with Smurf. My daughter has requested a smurf cake for her bday in a week so it seems to be the in thing atm lol. :) Glad to hear your doing better my mother in law has just been through transplant to so I now understand how hard it all is best wishes. xx

  59. I’m guessing Lion King as well…Pumba!

  60. Angry Birds

  61. glad you are feeling better.. my guess is batman!

  62. My guess would be Buzz Lightyear and if you did him then Woody might be there too!!!

    I’m glad you are doing better! I would love to see you come down to Texas!!!

  63. Please let it be THE GRINCH. My kids begged for him last year and I couldn’t figure it out. If it’s not, sounds like a fabulous next project for you – right?

  64. would love to see Kermit & Miss Piggy. That would be hilarious! :) Glad you are doing well! You are one talented lady!!!

  65. Taz? He’d be sweet!

  66. I’m guessing smurfs!

  67. I say the smurfs…

  68. Glad you’re feeling well enough to travel again. That’s Awesome! I’m guessing you made one of the Angry Birds! I love those guys!

  69. Now could it be Sponge Bob. LOL Could you make a cookie pop square? I wonder. Glad to hear you and your Mom are feeling great. Hugs Paulette

  70. Charlie Brown!

  71. Simba? I know the Lion King is being re-released soon!

  72. Mickey Mouse?

  73. Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb

  74. Buzz Lightyear?

  75. A kidney for the charity book signing for the foundation

  76. Pokemon? Just had a Pokemon party for my son so have it on the brain. So excited you’re coming back to Minnesota!!!

  77. Is it Simba? Lion King is my FAVORITE!! SO looking forward to Friday!! ;)

  78. Dumbo???

  79. Winnie the Pooh


  81. GARFIELD!!!!

  82. I have to guess Smurf. Glad you are feeling better.

  83. My guess would have been Smurfs or Simba, but those have clearly been guessed (along with almost every other conceivable character). I didn’t scroll through all the comments so I’m not sure if it’s been guessed, but I’ll go with Charlie Brown. His little round head would be perfect for cakeballs and with fall peeking at us, thoughts of Halloween and things like Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin movie are dancing through my head.

  84. I think it is Yogi Bear ??? Glad u r feeling better !

  85. My guess is Care Bears. I’m so glad you are doing better! Can’t wait to see you in Minneapolis!

  86. Looking down the list, there are a Loy of great ideas to keep you going. Since you get asked to do anloy for Disney Family and they have two big promotional pushes at the moment, gonna go with Lion King (Simba).

  87. Angry birds

  88. i did angry birds maybe you did too?? :)

  89. Glad to hear you are back and feeling good!

  90. Perhaps Casper the friendly ghost for Holloween coming up. If not, he would be adorable to make. For you to make that is!
    {Hugs} to you for feeling much better!

  91. Since this is all my kids have been talking about lately, I’m going to guess Sponge Bob!

  92. I am so thrillled to hear that you and your Mom are doing so well…I am having chemo at the moment and your positive attitude has been an inspiration to me ! Love and Blessings always…XXX

  93. A monster high character?

  94. I’m going to guess Stewie from Family Guy. :). Love that show!!

  95. i hope you made Tigger because he is my favorite cartoon character! :)

  96. A witch for Halloween

  97. Snow White because she is my grandaughter’s favorite and I would love to learn how to make her. What a blessing that you and your mother are doing so well. Prayers work miracles along with the wonderful physicians.

  98. Kuifje? (I am from Belgium, so…)

  99. My guess Smurfs

  100. I’m going to guess…. Minnie Mouse

  101. I would sayBlu from Rio

  102. I’ll guess Dagwood from the Newspaper comics.

  103. How about Perry the Platypus? “He doesn’t do much,” but it would be really cute. ;)

  104. Care bears?

  105. kermit the frog…

  106. kermit the frog…

  107. Betty Boop?
    Btw, please come to South Texas. Even Austin will do, I can drive there. We have fires. Pity us and come sign my Cake Pop book ;)

  108. okay perhaps . .
    . . . . .
    umm pokemons

  109. My guess is Shrek!

  110. Papa smurf or smurfette

  111. Gah! I wish I could go!! Come to Ottawa, Canada. Please?!

  112. smurfs, for there movie was last to come!

  113. Barney!

  114. My guess is one of the birds from “Angry Birds”.

  115. Pooh bear? :)

  116. Simba from the Lion King

  117. My guess is piglet

  118. Mickey Mouse?

  119. wonderful to hear your doing so well!! wish you would come to annapolis MD would love to get my book signed!!

  120. Oh I have no idea. Glad to hear you’re doing well. What a miracle. Want to come to Israel and do a signing???

  121. was going to say Phineas & Ferb but that is taken so lets go with Olivia

  122. Spongebob and Patrick!

  123. rataouille?

  124. Phineas & Ferb…or maybe Candace, or Perry????

  125. Aww glad you are feeling good :D

  126. Rosie the Robot?

  127. Could it be Dora the explorer?

  128. Scooby-Do!!!!! Where are you?????????

  129. I’m guessing Scooby Doo – he just popped into my head – he’d make a great cake pop!

  130. Smurfette

  131. I think its bart simpson:-)

  132. ooops!! didnt see the last bit on the cartoon charachter ….blush….disney?????

  133. hi there

    im guessing its a cake pops tribute for 9/11 ??? twin towers???

  134. My guess is Woodstock from Peanuts

  135. I was going to guess Smurfs, but so many have guessed it already.
    I will guess Caspar the Friendly Ghost. :)

  136. Winnie the pooh?

  137. I’m so glad to hear that you had a kidney transplant and that you and your Mom are doing fine. My brother-in-law had one also and his daughter donated to someone so that he could get one that matched him. So happy for them and for you. I didn’t know about your troubles before, but now I get your blog and also I bought your book! Love it!!!

    My guess is the Smurfs or Tweety Bird.

  138. I was going to pick a Muppets character, but then remembered that you said CARTOON character, so I will guess…the angry birds?

  139. I’ll bet it’s Spongebob.

  140. Angry Birds of course!

  141. Snoopy!!

  142. I hope it was lightning mcqueen!

  143. mickey mouse

  144. I’m very sure it’s smurf!!

  145. Cartoon characters there are so many to choose from….I’ll go with a favorite Sylvester the cat.

  146. I’m guessing it’s the smurfs!:D

  147. A Smurf???

  148. Donald Duck

  149. My guess is Elmo!! Glad to see you are feeling well enough to do some signings. I hope you can make it over to Vegas sometime, I would love to meet you.

  150. pumbaa from the lion king? i would say timon but i think pumbaa allows more cake pop to work with!

  151. I guess Winnie the Pooh!

  152. Hmm. I’m going to guess… Simba from the Lion King too! It’s my favourite Disney movie ever and I can’t wait for it to be re-released!

    Ps, Glad you’re all better now!

  153. smurf????

  154. My guess is… Porky Pig from Looney Tunes!

  155. Is it Finn and/or Jake from Adventure Time? Even if it isn’t, I’m placing it on the table as a GREAT option for a future cake pop series.

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