Where I Shop, Part 2

Candy Melts

A couple of weeks ago, I took you on a fun photo tour of Cake Art Party Store ( – a great little cake supply place I visit often. But, what I didn’t show you is all the candy making supplies they have. I’ve bought lots of stuff from them to make cake pops. Most importantly… candy melts. What would I do without these things. They come in 1 lb. bags of dark and milk chocolate as well as tons of colors…

Peanut Butter Candy Melts

… and flavors. Did you know these things come in peanut butter? They also have some mint flavored ones if you like.

White Candy Melts

Now, if the 1 lb. bags aren’t enough for you, then throw a couple of these five pounders over your shoulder. FYI, these are superwhite vanilla coatings, not to be confused with white. Same thing, only brighter. And, if you buy a bunch of white candy melts, then you might even want to try tinting your own. It’s really easy.

Candy Color

Just add a few drops of this stuff to the melted candy coating and color away. Make sure it says candy color, though. Regular food coloring contains water and will mess your chocolate up. I mean it.

Cocoa Butter

100% Cocoa Butter. If I actually knew what I was doing, I would tell you all about how to use this stuff. But, I don’t. The only thing I use cocoa butter on is a sunburn. Besides, it was sitting right next to the candy colors, so I took a picture of it for you.


Gigantic caramel chunks anyone? I’ve never used these, but they definitely catch my eye every time I walk down the candy aisle to get lollipop sticks. Actually, my mouth is stuck together right now just thinking about them.


Ahhhh, sticks! Thank you. Fat ones, skinny ones, paper ones, wood ones, short ones…

Lollipop Sticks

… and long ones!

Lollipop Sticks

Or if you’re afraid of being stickless… bulk ones.


Of course, you’ll want something to stick them in to let your cake pops dry. Styrofoam works great.

Candy Molds

These are the medium peanut butter cup molds I use to make the Cupcake Bites. But, don’t let these limit you…


Check out the endless variety of candy molds. They have them for just about anything. Any occasion, hobby or interest you can think of.

Fish Candy Molds

I’m waiting for when I can use these.

You can really get creative with the molds. Fill them with solid chocolate or add flavored fillings.

Squeeze Bottles

Using squeeze bottles makes it easier to pour chocolate into the molds.


And you can use brushes to paint on the molds with different layers of colored candy melts.

Candy Writers

These are candy writers. They are really handy when you just need a little color and quick.

Just place the tube in a bowl of hot water to melt the candy and it’s ready to use.

They come individually in several different colors.

Candy Writers

Or try out the box set.


Oils. Need some banana cream flavored chocolate? Bubble Gum? Cranberry? How about root beer or mango?

I’ve used the orange flavor before when I made these orange-colored cake pops. The oils are super-strength and pack a bigger punch than normal extracts – so, you’ll just need a few drops.

Paramount Crystals

A lot of people have asked how to make their chocolate thinner. These paramount crystals do the trick. Just add a few pieces at a time to the melted candy coating and stir until they completely disappear. But, you can also use regular old shortening.

Miniature Cutters

Miniature cutters. These are an alternative to the ones I use from Williams-Sonoma to make Cupcake Pops. The flower cutter on the left is the one you want. It comes in this Ateco set #4848.

Cello Bags

Cello bags. These have a bronze/brown tint and they come in lots of sizes. I usually just use small clear plastic treat bags for the pops, though.

Foil Candy Wrappers

Look at these. I’ve never really paid much attention to these foil candy wrappers. I don’t know why. Probably because there’s just too much stuff to look at in this store. But, I definitely want to try them out soon. I’m thinking turquoise! No purple!

Candy Cups
You could wrap some cake balls in foil and then place them in little candy cups. How cute!
Seriously… rock them Roche-Ferrero style.


Or you could place them in truffle boxes. I love boxes. Especially little ones.


More boxes.

Edible Ink Pens

I saved my favorite for last. Americolor edible ink pens. These have made cake pop decorating so much more fun for me. I started out buying these black ones. They come as a 2 pack. I’ve used them to draw eyes and smiles for cake pop faces and also on fondant covered cupcakes.

Sold out

After buying the black ones over and over, I finally gave in and bought the full set of ten colors. The day I took these pictures they were sold out. Gone. MIA. Sorry.

But you’re in luck.

Since then, I’ve been back and snagged a couple of sets.

And I’m putting them up for grabs. Yay! Here’s what they look like.

Edible Ink Pens

Don’t worry. These are mine. I wouldn’t give you opened ones.

Here’s a few examples of how I’ve used them in the past.

Edible Ink pens at work

And, here are the new ones I am giving away to two lucky winners.

Edible Ink Pens

Enter for a chance to win:
A set of Americolor edible ink pens in assorted colors
  • Just leave a comment on this post and let me know how you would try them out. Cake pops? Cupcakes? Sugar cookies? Potato Chips? Whatever.
  • Leave your comment with a way for me to contact you if you win (either a blog link or email)
  • Deadline to enter is Monday, June 22nd at 6 p.m. (recorded by the time stamp of your comment) TIME’S UP – WINNERS BELOW!
  • Two winners will be chosen at random* and announced Monday evening on this post.

Good luck!

* using the integer generator

And the winners are…
Comment #188 – Brittney
Comment #2153 – Jodi
Yay! I hope you have as much fun with the pens as I have. And I want to see pics of your work!

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3,263 comments on “Where I Shop, Part 2”

  1. I would love to use them on plain old cakes to try to pre-draw the patterns before I decorate… and to help supplement the decorations, too!

  2. I would try them on sugar cookies! Those are too cool!

  3. I would use them on cakepops. They look like a lot of fun! (the pens and the pops!) :o)


  4. of all things, I'm curious how well they would work out on fudge

  5. I just love your creativity!! You are so blessedly talented — you mmotivate me. I'd use them on cookies and cake pops!! Thanks.

  6. Cake pops for sure!

  7. I would try them on cake pops, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, EVERYTHING! They really fun and simple to use :}

  8. I have yet to make cake-pops (for shame!) but would definitely do so if I had these neat pens!

  9. Cake pops of some sort, for sure.

    Your cake store can beat my cake store up with one stick tied behind it's back. Honestly, I've never seen so much cake stuff. We have about 25 kinds of plastic thingies that go in the top of cupcakes. That's about it. And some tint, for cakes. I didn't even know what I was missing.

  10. Wow that store looks amazing! I wish they had something like that here in UT.

    Anyway, I'd definitely love to give the markers a try on some cupcakes.
    Thanks! :)

  11. I imagine that I would use them for cupcakes; however, I am most sure my girls, the Sharpie queens, would find many edible uses! Thank you for the opportunity. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  12. I would love to use these on sugar cookies! But, if I was to win, I would give them to my cousin who is in culinary school to become a pastry chef, and is learning cake decorating techniques. Because of your post, we are planning a trip to this store!


  13. I LOVE making cake pops and totally want to try putting cute faces on them! I'm hoping to do a set for a baby shower soon! I want to WIN!

  14. Cupcakes cupcakes pops or cupcakes or pops!! BOTH! :)


  15. If I could only draw like you do!!

  16. ooh…cupcakes of course! maybe cookies too!

  17. Cookies, most like. My daughter's been begging to make cut-out cookies. I might put them on cake decorations too, though.

  18. Ohhhhmyyyyy, that shop is to die for. It's the female equivalent of Home Depot, yowza.

  19. I would use those on cookies, cakes, cake pops, and pretty much anything I could get my hands on. :) I think these would be SO much fun if you had kids! (Which I don't lol).

  20. I would loooove to try them on my son's BDay cupcakes, yay!
    Thanks for all you do!

  21. These look like fun for writing on pancakes for my son with. Or even his sandwiches. I also have an art class and we have made cake pops before. (easter chicks) I would love to do them again as I have more students…and one was grounded before and did not get to go. Shes a good kid let her write some fun with these markers.

  22. I'm not sure what I'd use them on first…there are so many things to choose from. I just found your blog a few days ago and am blown away by your creativity. I think the first thing I'm going to try are some cake pops.

    luvtakinphotos@gmail dot com

  23. Another amazing post, thanks! And thanks for the chance to win these, I would use them on sugar cookies! Which I now want to make right now. Sigh.

  24. I NEED these baby! I have some but the stink! Not literally, they just don't work. I would use them on the cake pops for sure. your blog site rocks!

  25. i would love to try them out for cupcakes im making for an upcoming bridal shower!!!
    i wish i had a store like that near my home!

  26. I would use them for cake pops, cake pops and more cake pops. I'm always up for trying new ones. I bought some, but they dried out really fast. Any tips on making them last longer than a month or two.

  27. I'd love to try them on cake pops!

  28. I would use the markers to make my son's second birthday cupcakes..though now I'm thinking cake pops would be fun. Love your blog :)

  29. Okay, I'm not going to lie. I really would get a good laugh out of using them on potato chips!

  30. I am dying to use these markers on fondant cupcakes that I'm making for a group of friends that I used to work with. I want to draw a parody of the company (that laid us all off) logo.

  31. I'd probably try them on d) all the above…it would actually inspire me to make cake pops for once!

  32. I would love these to use on cupcakes and cookies.

  33. I would love to let my kids have a go with them. They are very artistic AND love to bake. It would be so cute to let them make cookies and decorate them for someone special.

  34. Oh my. I think I would have to try them on everything… sandwiches, cupcakes, apples, cookies, muffins… you name it!!

  35. i would love to use them on cupcake pops! so super cute!

  36. I would definitely try these out on Cake Pops. I have some to make next month for a T-ball Party and a Baby Shower. These would be great to use to decorate the T-Ball's with.

    I made the Happy Meals for Father's Day. Here is the link if you wanna see them.

  37. Hmmmm, I think I'd start out with iced sugar cookies.


  38. I wish I had a shop like that near me… I'd probably bake more!

    I would want to try them out on something dipped or covered in chocolate, like cake pops or cookies!

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  39. I'd just write on my tongue…you said they were edible, right?!

  40. I would love to use these on the Finding Nemo chocolate characters I'm planning to make to go on my almost 2-year-olds birthday cake.

  41. I am addicted to Bakerella! I found a link to your blog from the Everyday Chaos post about the Hello Kitty cake pops she made from your instructions. Since then, I've made Pokemon cake pops for my son's birthday party and chocolate truffle cake balls for Father's Day. I want to try the Hello Kitty for my daughter's birthday, and I could really really use the pens. Please pick me!

  42. Definitely would make my very first batch of cake pops, then decorate with these!

  43. I gave the graduation cake pops a whirl last week, and I think I'm now addicted to cake pops! I'd definitely use them to make more pops.

  44. Wow, what a store! I think I would only be ready to try them on sugar cookies, but I'd like to work up to those awesome cupcakes!

  45. I would try them on cake pops…which I have never been brave enough to try…but if I had those cool pens I WOULD!

  46. I would love to give them a whirl on cupcakes – love making cupcakes. Especially since it would give me the ability to write little notes to my fiance on them!

    I love all of the fun stuff you find!

    Heather –

  47. There have been multiple times when I've been making things and just need a little dot of color (usually trying to recreate your cake pops!), and i never have edible ink pens, so i end up having to use frosting and it never comes out right!

    I would use these on everything! Cake pops, cupcakes, cakes!

  48. I can picture making my own candy-dipped cupcake hearts next Valentine's Day and writing on my own sayings!


  49. Ohh I would love to try these out… I think I would use them on Cake Pops. How fun!

  50. Cupcake pops for certain! Just made the burgers and fries for Father's Day. They were a hit! Thanks!

  51. I would love to try these on fontant cake toppers! tight now I paint all my details on with butterceam, this would be so much easier!

  52. WOW. I am no Bakerella, but I'd go crazy in a store like that. I would love to try out the pens on some sugar cookies or cake pops. Or just admire them in my cupboard :)

  53. Ooooh, sugar cookies!! I think my kids would have fun decorating with them, too!

    Diane Whiting

  54. i think i'd probably make some oreo truffles with white chocolate coating and then just go crazy drawing pictures on them :)
    thanks for the giveaway!

  55. I would love to experiment with these pens next spring when I decorate Easter eggs. Also, I think they'd be fun for moms to use to write "love" notes to their children on iced sugar cookies and put them in their lunch boxes.

  56. Perfect for custom cookies for a whole second grade class!! meganbrannan at gmail dot com

  57. Definitely cake pops. Although honestly I would probably just start coloring all of my food.
    thesparklysporkofdoom at gmail dot com.

  58. I think I might try them on fruit maybe for fun fruit faces as a way to get my kid to eat his fruits and veggies. you can reach me at

  59. I would love to try them out on my sugar cookies!

  60. Wonderful idea! I think these would be so much fun to use. Thanks for another great tour…

  61. I'm thinking of cookies for these toys!

  62. Cake pops and cookies! :)

    -Natalie L

  63. All of the neighborhood kids came over on Friday and made the burgers and fries for their dads! They LOVED it! Thanks for the pdf, instructions, idea and great photos.

    I would use the markers on EVERYTHING!

  64. Oh my heavens! I have no idea how I would use these, but I can guarantee my three little boys would be involved!!

  65. I would write on sugar cookies!!

  66. I just found your blog tonight! I'm located in Atlanta, and it's exciting that you're here, too. I'd use the pens to write on everything. I loved your peeps that were turned into Pikachu! I'm new to decorating, so I don't have any plans on what'd I would do, but experimentation is certainly called for.

  67. I would start with using them on cheese slices to make pretty art in my sandwiches.

  68. Oh I would love to try the pens on cake pops or cupcakes! Would love it! You are awesome and inspiring! Keep up the great job!

  69. I'd say cupcakes, but now you got me curious to try them on potato chips! lol

  70. i'd use them on the cake or cookies. i can't wait to try some of your cool ideas.

  71. I'd love to try them out on cupcakes, or use them as motivation to finally try to make some cakepops!

    My e-mail is – Thanks! I love your blog – it feeds my baker-geek side :)

  72. I would love to try them on some iced sugar cookies. That would be so cool!

  73. Oh, I'm dying to be a total copy cat and make some Wii cupcakes! How adorable are those??


  74. I've always wanted to try fondant-covered cupcakes, every time I see the Wii cupcakes, I want to make some of my own!

  75. Cupcakes or cookies. Can't wait to try some of your cool ideas.

  76. Oooh I love them. I would try them on Sugar cookies first…then…? so nice of you.
    Blessings, Amy

  77. Chocolate covered bacon strips. I'd decorate them to look like ribbons

  78. I'd win them and give them to my daughter to use when doing cupcakes, or we'd use them together. She has tried the cake pops, but the flower we get is too big. I've gotten the one in the little ark cookie cutter set, it is too big. WE have had a terrible time finding them. I'm so glad youj showed me what that flower comes in, now I can go get one so she can try once again to make the cake pops.

    I would have to pack a sleeping bag and stay the night in that store if it was close to me, I would be able to wander thru there for hours!!!

  79. I would love to win and try them on either cupcakes or cupcake pops! Thanks!

  80. This looks amazing! I would love to try them all!

  81. I would like to give the cake pops another go but this time make the cheesecake pops. Maybe sugar cookies, too. :o)

  82. Wow that store is amazing. They don't have anything like that near me. Thanks for the giveaway. I would defintely love to try the markers on cakepops. My son's birthday is coming up and I'm feeling creative.

  83. I totally want to try these on cupcakes and cakes. So smooooooth and pretty!

  84. i would love to try them on sugar cookie because the sugar cookies i made look so plain :D

  85. I've been wanting to order them since you first linked to them in your Cake Pop posts…but alas, the procrastinator in me has kept me from placing an order.

    On the flip side, I'm getting pretty good at piping little details on my cake pops. Just think how much easier life would be if I actually had cake writers…more time for more pops!

  86. I would try them on the cake pops and my daughter's first birthday cupcakes!

  87. I would start by trying them out on cupcake pops! (I know the obvious first) Then move to regular cupcakes and so on! It would be SO much fun!!
    Random chooser… choose me!

    Alisha Parker

  88. Cupcakes!


  89. Winning these would inspire me to do something cool for my daughter's 21st birthday! Maybe fondant numbers for the cupcakes?

  90. I would try them out to write the numbers on the Pool Table cupcake set from the "Hello, Cupcake!" book, for starters.


  91. It would give me an excuse to try making cake pops

  92. Well, I have not made cake pops yet and winning these would give me a good excuse!

  93. I would love to use them on cupcakes!!!

  94. I'd like to use them on frosting covered rice crispie treats I'll be sending with my girls (I nanny for) to camp!!

    im available at!

  95. I would use them on cupcakes!

    I am sort of glad we don't have stores like that nearby. I have no willpower sometimes!

  96. I'd try them out on all the goodies I'm making for my son's birthday! Love this!

  97. I would love to use them on sugar cookies (not brave enough to try fondant yet on cupcakes)! Great blog – love it!


  98. Wow, I could only wish Singapore had baking shops like that. I would totally like to try them out on cakepops!

  99. For my daughter's first birthday I've decided to do some themed (beach) cookies, cupcakes & a cake after much thought & hours spent wandering around my own "cake art" store!

    I even bought edible pens after seeing some of your creations, & can't wait to try them out. But I sure wouldn't mind winning some either, b/c I plan on doing a lot of baking in the near future. sweety31803 (at) aol (dot) com

  100. I would definately use them on sugar cookies. I used to work for Cookies by Design, and I miss decorating the beautiful sugar cookies. Love your blog. Have a lovely dya. xxoo Valarie

  101. OMG! I would LOVE to try these! I have made LOTS of cake pops (over 100 at one time once…I'm crazy). I can only find the Wilton pens and they do not work well at all. I would love to use these that make decorating cake pops fun!

  102. I am wishing I had that store right next to me!!! Would love to try those on cake balls and cakes!

  103. If I had those, I would finally get the gump to make those cakepops!

    Love your website!

  104. Pancakes! These pens are the only thing that could make them better!

  105. I would use them on cookies, sugar cookies only if my husband had his way. Maybe even my home made bitter biscuits for my daughter.

  106. i would use them to make american flags on cake pops for the 4th of july. or to draw scales on fish cake pops. or to add leaves to tree cake pops.

  107. I would attempt Pirate Cake Pops for my baby's first birthday! Any ideas…btw?

  108. To make smiley cake pops. I've tried with some I found somewhere else, and my faces looked horrid! I've love to do them again with good pens.

  109. I would try them out on cake pops, for sure!

  110. I would use them on everything! But first I would try cake pops.

  111. I would try them on sugar cookies!

  112. Probably cake pops. I am getting ready to try making some, but am trying to come up with a good boy themed ones that my boys will enjoy. I'm a bit afraid to try making up some styles on my own. Mario brothers, or Ninja turtles come to mind…or Star Wars!
    Can I put in a request?

  113. please,please,please pick meeeee!

  114. I'd make sugar cookies with my brother! I just found a cookie gun in my back room that I'm dying to try out.

  115. I would love to try these out on sugar cookies, especially around Christmas!

  116. I would love to try these on cake pops.

  117. Bakerella, Your store is coolsville to the extreme!! I love all the goodies – how do you EVER get out of there without a truckload of stuff?? What's worse, where does it all go once you're home? I love the markers!! I'd use them on cookies for sure!!! Yeah…in fact maybe I'll make the cookies tonight – cuz I know I'm going to win the markers! lol ;-) Thanks for the chance – you're a sweetie!!

  118. I would make sugar cookies in lots of summer shapes and fill in the details with these pens!(

  119. i wanna use them on my mustache molds !

  120. Cookies…definately use these on cookies. Thanks for the tour!

  121. I would love to try these out on cake pops, they look like so much fun!


  122. I think I would use them on sugar cookies….yum!


  123. What a fabulous store! Good thing it's not close to me. That could be really dangerous!

    I would try out those beautiful pens on cookies with my kids. What fun that would be!

    Keeping my fingers crossed,

  124. Oooh I think I would try them on sugar cookies iced with royal icing!

    And I sooooo wanna go to that store!

  125. wow. So how far is this place from WV??? lol

    Hmmm…I would use the markers for cookie decorating. Mainly because I have 200 "paw" cookies to decorate tomorrow.

  126. I would love to try them on fondant. I really enjoy painting and drawing and think this would be an awesome way to "sketch" on cupcakes!

  127. I would probably start with the sugar cookies and work my way up from there! How fun!

  128. I would totally try them on sugar cookies, yum!

  129. I've been looking for these everywhere but can't find them. I'd use them on cake pops.

  130. I would use them to make the stripes on my patriotic 4th of July cookies.

  131. I'd love to try these out on some Wedding Cake Sugar Cookies I'm making for my In Law's 40th Anniversary this year!!

    Thanks~ Melissa

  132. I would try them out on sugar cookies. I once made Christmas ornament cookies and tried to "paint" on them. It was horrible. Markers would be soooo much easier!

    harassnave at hotmail dot com

  133. I would love to try them on cakepops!

  134. I love all the colors!!! So many ways to use them!! I would love to use them to decorate the mini-cupcake truffles!!!

  135. I'm so glad to see the brand that you use. I bought a set from Michaels, the only type they had, and they did NOT work on the cakepops. That's what I would use your giveaway set on – cakepops!

  136. Cupcakes!!! So cute.

  137. This place is nuts!! How in the crazy world do you ever make up your mind in there? If I win the markers I will use them of cupcake bited for sure. Thanks for the chances,Stephie

  138. I absolutely LOVE making cookies, so I would definitely try them out on my cookies. It would add a POP element to choc chip cookies when there's a message written on top!

    BTW, love this blog!

  139. how fun! I'd give them a try on cake pops. ~ melanie

  140. I would like to try them on iced sugar cookies.

  141. I would love to win these! I would love to go to a store that had all those things!

  142. I would use them on cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, and because you suggested it….POTATO CHIPS!

  143. I tried to make the smiley face cake pops for my daughter's class. I bought the edible ink pens to make the adorable smiley faces you have and the pens were HORRIBLE! I couldn't get them to write to save my life!!! So, I am going to buy some from the Cake Art website (if I don't win)as soon as your drawing is done. They try out making the smiley pops again! :)

  144. I just want you to know how much I appreciate how much you SHARE with us!! You are awesome and quite an inspriation! I love to check your blog FREQUENTLY to see what new ideas you have!! I'm just amazed at all of your creative ideas, and am always anxious to try!! I made the burger/fries for a Grad Party/BBQ this weekend and they were a hit! Cheesecake balls are next! Thats where I will start with the pens if lucky enough! THANK YOU again!!

  145. I would like to try to make the smiley face cake pops. My 4 year old son would love to draw the faces and eat them afterwards.

  146. wow! amazing! i would love to try them out!!

  147. I would use them on cupcakes – I love cupcakes :0)

  148. I'd have to try them on anything and everything I could, honestly.}:P

  149. I love the pics of this store! Keep posting them, I am fascinated! I would probably use the pens first on some cake pops or maybe cupcakes, but I'm sure my husband would love to get his hands on them too. Maybe I should just order my own…oh, but if I do that, there will be at least two dozen other things I'd "need" from the store. You know, to make the shipping worthwhile…

  150. I would definitely use them on cupcakes!! :) I love your blog!! :) Thanks for sharing all the great info…. I've learned so much from you!!

  151. I've made your oreo truffles, now it's time to brave cake pops and those pens would be a huge push to get started now! Thanks!


  152. I would love to try them on sugar cookies and cake pops!

  153. I think I'd love to try using them on pretty much anything I can get my hands on! Cake, cupcakes, pops, cookies, and so on-I would paint little country style houses with flowers on top of the fondant of my cupcakes thou!!

  154. What fun this would be! I would probably start with cupcakes-but really I would have to get together with my sister-in-law try all kinds of stuff! Thanks for the fun giveaway! (

  155. I would go CRAZY in that store-really! I would use them probably on cupcakes…or cake pops! Love your site :)

  156. What an amazing store. I don't think I could handle being in a store like that. I would want everything!

    I would use the pens on sugar cookies.

  157. Cakepops. Hello!


  158. Ooooooooooooooh! I would LOVE these! I bought some edible markers to make cake pops at Easter but they didn't work very well. I bet these would work a TON better!

    I love your blog, by the way. :o)

  159. I would totally make cupcake pops and use those for the sprinkles. That's one of my goals for this summer! You can contact me at

  160. I would definitely attempt some super cute cupcakes!!!!


  161. I would love to try these out to make better eyes and mouths on cakepops.

  162. my sister sent me your blog a couple days ago & i've been checking out you suff; it's absolutly adorable.
    i definitly want to try to make the cakepop & the markers would definitly help :)

  163. I would have a cupcake baking and decorating party with the youth I work with!

    Thanks Bakerella!

    Maggie (

  164. I would probably use them on fondant for detailing. But there is no telling how often i would think of ways to use them!

  165. I am always amazed at the sweets you make. I think I would use the markers to decorate my daughter's food, smily carrots must taste better.

  166. I would like to try the cakepops, hello kitty ones of course!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!
    Margaret B

  167. Oooohhhh…I'd try them on iced sugar cookies, …or cupcakes, ….or fondant cake decorations….lol!!

    I'm so jealous of that store! We don't have any cake decorating stores around here…just the one isle at Michael's.

  168. I am going to try them out on cupcakes. I plan on making your cakepops for my son's wedding as a party favor. When I made them to sample they absolutely loved them. Thanks for the recipes!!

  169. I think on Sugar cookies is a good idea.


  170. i would like to try them on a shoe cake i'm planning to make,


  171. My first born's birthday cake – she wants a rainbow and I think I'd have a steadier hand with these than a pastry bag for tiny little mini-cupcakes!

  172. I would use them to decorate on fondant covered cakes. I would LIVE if a store like this was near me. My husband?? Not so much! :) I did have a good laugh at the "Merckens" :) peanut butter melts.

  173. I would love to use them to draw goofy faces on fruit! My boyfriend's daily apple would be so much more entertaining.

  174. Wow. That store looks pretty amazing! I wish I could fly there right now and have a baking-supplies shopping spree!


  175. I would probably use them on cupcakes or cake, but I like the idea of potato chips. That sounds like fun too!

  176. ohhhh…wnat these writers! tried some other ones that did not work at all…

  177. I would give them to my daughter who loves to decorate her baked goods…

  178. Great pics, wish I could find a store like it in my
    area. I would use the pens on cakepops. Thanks
    for the chance to win.


  179. ooo I would use them to color in cookies that I make with my dinosaur cookie cutters:) I love dinosaur. And bright colors!

    Cguss at umich dot edu

  180. I would love to use them on cookies, I use my gingerbread people to make characters from movies, this would make faces sooo much easier!

  181. ooo! Sugar cookies, I would love these!!
    ashleymaephoto @ gmail .com

  182. I just found this blog today following a link for CakeWrecks showing the Fathers Day Burger and Fries (you were definatly not one of the wrecks!) and have spent the better part of my evening looking through your posts. There are so many ideas here that I just don't know where to start but the cakepops look amazing and with so many ways to have fun with them you have my imagination running and the creative juices flowing!

    I would love to try these writers on the cakepops I plan on making for my sons 2nd birthday as well as a Welcome Home party for my husband who has been deployed to Afghanistan this year.


  183. Lucky you to have a store like that! I have to settle for the Wilton 'section' in my local AC Moore. Not much variety either! I would order online more often but I like to touch and play in person with all the colors etc.! I would love to use these on my cakes/cupcakes! I have a hard time piping the details of faces on fondant and these look like a breeze!!
    Thanks for the chance! creativekristi(at)gmail(dot)com

  184. That store looks awesome! I wish we had a huge superstore in my area. I would probably spend an entire day just looking and drooling. As for the markers, I would use them to make monkey faces on the candy pops I am making for my daughters birthday party. or

  185. how fun would it be to cover a cake in fondant and doodle all over it with your friends? i smell a party idea! : )

  186. Oh how I love it when you post the pictures of that store…..I only wish I had something similar near me!

    I would use the markers on my bento lunches. I have long used betty crocker foodwriters to make cheese characters for my son's lunch but sadly they come in only 4 colors. Having such a magical array of color would be amazing!

  187. Ooh I would love to have my hand at some fondant! But I might also just write things on people and lick it off… Just kidding! Sort of.

  188. I had wanted to try to make cakepops so badly. If I win, I PROMISE, I will make cakepops and decorate them with my new pens.

    PLEASE, pick me!!!

  189. I've never made cake pops. I know. *Gasp!* But they're on my list. These pens would make them SO MUCH FUN. Maybe something cute for my little boy's first birthday in a few weeks!

  190. I'd definitely use them on cake pops. Or covered pretzels. Or cookies. Oh, the possibilities!

    jen_lancaster [at] yahoo [dot] com

  191. I would love to try them out on sugar cookies!

    allhomesewn at

  192. I think I'll go crazy if I get those pens. I'll write on every food item that I can find. LOL.


  193. cupcakes and sugar cookies. Maybe cakes too, if I learn how to use fondant.

  194. Hey there! This is such an amazing blog! I would love to try those pens out on fondant covered cake pops. Make cute little faces and flowers. My daughter loves doing things like that :-)
    Email is

    Thanks :-)

  195. I'd use them on cakepops

  196. I'm planning on making a tiered fondant-covered cake for my daughter's first birthday(my first one since my Wilton class). I'm trying to match the shapes and flowers on her invitations and the markers would make things so much easier!

  197. i would try them on my bento box creations. I use egg a lot and rice balls

  198. I'd definitely use them on cakes. I'm dying to try doodling on fondant! Maybe a whole cartoon strip wrapped around the outside of a layer cake…

  199. Wow! These look so fun! I think I would probably try them on cookies! I love using my cookie press and these would make it much more fun to decorate them!


  200. Oh wow what a cool store! I would love to go in there and buy stuff.

    Those pens aren't in any store near me and the ones I find online have outrageous shipping. I would love a set. I think I would probably find some humourous way of drawing stuff on a few select numbers of baked goods so people start eating stuff and go "what the heck! This ones got a goofy face!" Or give a try at fondant cupcakes. My last fondant cake (your valentines day heart box cakes) turned out alright, pretty much cake wreck worthy.

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