Where I Shop, Part 2

Candy Melts

A couple of weeks ago, I took you on a fun photo tour of Cake Art Party Store ( – a great little cake supply place I visit often. But, what I didn’t show you is all the candy making supplies they have. I’ve bought lots of stuff from them to make cake pops. Most importantly… candy melts. What would I do without these things. They come in 1 lb. bags of dark and milk chocolate as well as tons of colors…

Peanut Butter Candy Melts

… and flavors. Did you know these things come in peanut butter? They also have some mint flavored ones if you like.

White Candy Melts

Now, if the 1 lb. bags aren’t enough for you, then throw a couple of these five pounders over your shoulder. FYI, these are superwhite vanilla coatings, not to be confused with white. Same thing, only brighter. And, if you buy a bunch of white candy melts, then you might even want to try tinting your own. It’s really easy.

Candy Color

Just add a few drops of this stuff to the melted candy coating and color away. Make sure it says candy color, though. Regular food coloring contains water and will mess your chocolate up. I mean it.

Cocoa Butter

100% Cocoa Butter. If I actually knew what I was doing, I would tell you all about how to use this stuff. But, I don’t. The only thing I use cocoa butter on is a sunburn. Besides, it was sitting right next to the candy colors, so I took a picture of it for you.


Gigantic caramel chunks anyone? I’ve never used these, but they definitely catch my eye every time I walk down the candy aisle to get lollipop sticks. Actually, my mouth is stuck together right now just thinking about them.


Ahhhh, sticks! Thank you. Fat ones, skinny ones, paper ones, wood ones, short ones…

Lollipop Sticks

… and long ones!

Lollipop Sticks

Or if you’re afraid of being stickless… bulk ones.


Of course, you’ll want something to stick them in to let your cake pops dry. Styrofoam works great.

Candy Molds

These are the medium peanut butter cup molds I use to make the Cupcake Bites. But, don’t let these limit you…


Check out the endless variety of candy molds. They have them for just about anything. Any occasion, hobby or interest you can think of.

Fish Candy Molds

I’m waiting for when I can use these.

You can really get creative with the molds. Fill them with solid chocolate or add flavored fillings.

Squeeze Bottles

Using squeeze bottles makes it easier to pour chocolate into the molds.


And you can use brushes to paint on the molds with different layers of colored candy melts.

Candy Writers

These are candy writers. They are really handy when you just need a little color and quick.

Just place the tube in a bowl of hot water to melt the candy and it’s ready to use.

They come individually in several different colors.

Candy Writers

Or try out the box set.


Oils. Need some banana cream flavored chocolate? Bubble Gum? Cranberry? How about root beer or mango?

I’ve used the orange flavor before when I made these orange-colored cake pops. The oils are super-strength and pack a bigger punch than normal extracts – so, you’ll just need a few drops.

Paramount Crystals

A lot of people have asked how to make their chocolate thinner. These paramount crystals do the trick. Just add a few pieces at a time to the melted candy coating and stir until they completely disappear. But, you can also use regular old shortening.

Miniature Cutters

Miniature cutters. These are an alternative to the ones I use from Williams-Sonoma to make Cupcake Pops. The flower cutter on the left is the one you want. It comes in this Ateco set #4848.

Cello Bags

Cello bags. These have a bronze/brown tint and they come in lots of sizes. I usually just use small clear plastic treat bags for the pops, though.

Foil Candy Wrappers

Look at these. I’ve never really paid much attention to these foil candy wrappers. I don’t know why. Probably because there’s just too much stuff to look at in this store. But, I definitely want to try them out soon. I’m thinking turquoise! No purple!

Candy Cups
You could wrap some cake balls in foil and then place them in little candy cups. How cute!
Seriously… rock them Roche-Ferrero style.


Or you could place them in truffle boxes. I love boxes. Especially little ones.


More boxes.

Edible Ink Pens

I saved my favorite for last. Americolor edible ink pens. These have made cake pop decorating so much more fun for me. I started out buying these black ones. They come as a 2 pack. I’ve used them to draw eyes and smiles for cake pop faces and also on fondant covered cupcakes.

Sold out

After buying the black ones over and over, I finally gave in and bought the full set of ten colors. The day I took these pictures they were sold out. Gone. MIA. Sorry.

But you’re in luck.

Since then, I’ve been back and snagged a couple of sets.

And I’m putting them up for grabs. Yay! Here’s what they look like.

Edible Ink Pens

Don’t worry. These are mine. I wouldn’t give you opened ones.

Here’s a few examples of how I’ve used them in the past.

Edible Ink pens at work

And, here are the new ones I am giving away to two lucky winners.

Edible Ink Pens

Enter for a chance to win:
A set of Americolor edible ink pens in assorted colors
  • Just leave a comment on this post and let me know how you would try them out. Cake pops? Cupcakes? Sugar cookies? Potato Chips? Whatever.
  • Leave your comment with a way for me to contact you if you win (either a blog link or email)
  • Deadline to enter is Monday, June 22nd at 6 p.m. (recorded by the time stamp of your comment) TIME’S UP – WINNERS BELOW!
  • Two winners will be chosen at random* and announced Monday evening on this post.

Good luck!

* using the integer generator

And the winners are…
Comment #188 – Brittney
Comment #2153 – Jodi
Yay! I hope you have as much fun with the pens as I have. And I want to see pics of your work!

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3,263 comments on “Where I Shop, Part 2”

  1. I would LOVE to try them out on everything sweet and edible but mainly cupcakes!!

  2. Wow, that's a huge store! Hahah, I could imagine being in there for HOURS at a time. I'd love to try those markers out on cake pops and on iced cookies.

  3. I would use them for cake pops and cupcakes!

    Why don't I have a store like that around here?!

  4. I would use them for the cake pops I intend on making for my sons birthday next month! This would be an awesome prize to win.

  5. Cake pops for sure! I bought the wilton black pens when I decorated my Easter cake pops and they were terrible.

  6. I need that store to be close to my home! You are so lucky!

  7. Ooh, I think I would use them with my niece to decorate sugar cookies or cupcakes for her upcoming 7th birthday party! :)


  8. I would to try these out on my gumpaste figures! I only have a black one- the color ones would be great!

  9. I want to live at that store a la Where the Heart Is. Do you think that would be possible? (Wait, do they have an oven there?)

    Don't enter me in the contest though; I live in LA and get my hands on basically everything here. So I'll opt out. (Now, when I move to the country….)

  10. I'm drooling over your supply store! I'd love to try these out on cakepops! The edible ink pens I tried on the chick pops were terrible to work with, so I'd love to give these a shot.

  11. I would love to try these on cup cakes. How fun.

  12. I need this store by where I live!!

  13. I need this store by where I live!!

  14. I need this store by where I live!!

  15. I need this store by where I live!!

  16. omg I wish we had stores here like you have! Or maybe I dont…they might be dangerous to the pocketbook ;).

    I've heard of people using markers for writing on sugar cookies–that would be a good starting place for me I think!!! what a fun giveaway!

  17. I would try them on sugar cookies… I just made bunches of 4.5" ones for the men at church yesterday. It'd be fun to color designs on the cookies. Just something different or perhaps a fun birthday party craft.

    The oils in the post remind me of visiting my cousins and dipping toothpicks in cinnamon oil. It was cheaper than buying the little packs that were all the rage that year.

  18. I would go bonkers in that store…seriously. I'd love to try these markers for your cake pops! I've never made them, but will soon. Could I use them on toast or tortillas for fun kiddy food? Hmmm.

  19. I need this store by where I live!!

  20. I need this store by where I live!!

  21. I need this store by where I live!!

  22. I need this store by where I live!!

  23. Oh my, I'd love to win one of the sets of pens. I'd use them to try making cake pops. I made cake ball cupcakes for my grandaughter's 3rd birthday and everyone loved them!

    dorisandpete @hotmail. com

  24. I would definitely try out cake pops if I won these! I've been wanting to but haven't had any occasion..

  25. I would use them on cupcakes. I'm nervous though so I would need to practice with that set and then get another one once I'm good.

  26. That store looks amazing!! I would be in there forever. I would use the markers on sugar cookies, or cupcake pops. They look so fun!

  27. I just tried you cake pops for the first time and they were a huge success. Not as pretty as yours, of course, but still YUMMY! I love trying new things and would LOVE to try new cake pops with edible ink!

  28. I would use them on cake pops as the brand I have just don't seem to work for me. I'd also love to try them on pancakes!

  29. I sooo need to make the 4 hour drive to visit that place in person!!

    As for the markers, I would use them on cakes, cupcakes and cakepops. Heck, I have a Hello Kitty gum paste plaque that I could use them on tonight!

  30. I'd use them for cake pops for sure. A friend of mine uses them to write on peeled boiled eggs for kid's lunch boxes. She did an adorable Hello Kitty face for her daugther's so that would be fun!

  31. oohhhh my gosh I would just write on myself and then lick it off, probably.

  32. I would totally use these on cupcakes and some cupcake pops! They would be SO fun! I don't have anywhere around here I could buy these so this would be a treat!

    CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail

  33. i'd love to try them on fondant-covered cupcakes… these pens instantly make me think of the garfield ones you made!

    thanks for all the great baking ideas!

  34. I bake sugar cookies and cupcakes and would love these for my next project! :-)

  35. I'd try them on cupcakes….after the burger/fries for FAther's Day turned out so great I have to try some of your other recipes!

  36. I'd love to try them on cupcakes. I've been eyeing some like them for a while now, but I have to drive about 2 1/2 hours to get to them (I live n the middle of NOWHERE!!).

  37. I would love to try them on cake pops!!!

    That store is just amazing…I really wish we had a place like that here.

  38. I'd use them on a big ol' cake! They would have come in very handy this past weekend when I did a friend's birthday cake…

  39. I want to make fondant covered cupcakes, so those would be great to use on them!
    kaitironside at gmail dot com

  40. These would make adding details to cake pops a breeze!

  41. Definitely on the cakepops, but also to write secret messages in the kid's lunch box!!

  42. I am from Brazil, south america. Am I allowed to participate?
    I just love cupcakes .
    Cupcakes of course.

    Aline Horta

  43. I would love to try them out on cookies. After that cakepops. My friends would be so impressed.

  44. I want to try them on cake pops! :)

  45. Oh my goodness, I need these!!! Amazing cake and candy supplies like the one's you've posted are almost IMPOSSIBLE to find in Canada! (at least anywhere near where i live!) I'd make cake pops :)

  46. Potato chip, eh? Compelling :-). Might have to give that one a try! Or else I'd have a go at decorating cookies… Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. I'm planning on making the Happy Face Cake Pops for my niece and nephew's birthday party coming up soon, and I would really love to use them for that! I have used the Wilton ones before, and they are inferior… I have so many things I would love to try!
    (Made your hamburgers and french fries today – amazing!)

  48. Wow – I had no idea these came in so many colors. I think I'd have to try them on fondant – on cupcakes – too fun.

  49. Oh my goodness I would use them on cupcakes but for a real treat would use them to decorate my kids sandwiches, nothing would please them more than a picture on their lunch

  50. i would sooo love to try them out on sugar cookies!!

  51. To be quite honest, I wouldn't use them on baking projects at all – I'd draw smiley faces and hearts on my two year old's hand, and let her lick them off. :) Assuming they have a taste, anyway.

  52. Oh gosh, what wouldn't I do with these things? I might end up trying them on potato chips! ;)

  53. i would love to try these! when i make the cupcake pops mine always look like blobs, but if i won them they would be more easily recognizable as blobs with faces!

    love your blog!

  54. OH MY GOSH, I ENVY YOUR STORE!!! The cake stores in LA are horrrrrrrrrrrrrrible. Which is why I would love some cake pens. :) :) :)

    I would LOVE to make a square cake covered in fondant & do a maze or something like that on it. FUN!

  55. those look so cool! I would try them out on cake pops.

  56. I would use them to decorate fondant cakes for the 4th of July! I would also use them to decorate cupcakes covered in poured fondant to send to my boyfriend, who I'm spending the summer without!

  57. I would LOVE to try them out on cupcake pops! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway Bakerella.

  58. Wow I wish there was a store like this near me but it is probably best – I would spend way too much money. I bet you spend hours in there! Thanks for taking me shopping with you it was really fun! Narita

  59. I have this garden party for the ladies at church in August. We're thinking of a mad hatter theme with a teapot cake and cupcakes for everyone. It would be so great to have these for the party!!

    Thanks for all the great ideas and opportunities to win things!

    Carol A. carol(dot)achziger(at)gmail(dot)com

  60. I use cocoa butter for white chocolate plastic – check out little venice cake company.

    I would use the pens on cheesecake pops – can't wait to try them.

  61. I'd love to use them to make summer sugar cookies.


  62. That store looks like so much fun!!! I would love to try the markers on cakepops, cupcakes and cookies!

  63. I wonder if they would work on fried eggs… my girls could eat that every morning… that would be a fun "good morning" message medium!

  64. I'm sure I could find so many uses! I really want to make those cupcakes that look like the teddy grahams are swimming in the ocean this summer for kids swimming party.

  65. I wish there was a store like that near me . . but it is probably best there isn't. I could spend hours in there and spend way too much money. Thanks for taking me shopping with you! That was really fun. Narita

  66. I would most use those on my chocolate suckers.

  67. I would like them for some fourth of july cake pops or firework pops

  68. Oooh, I would love to use these on cakes and cupcakes and cookies, oh my!!

  69. I think I would like to try them om cupcakes!

  70. I've had my eye on these types of markers to draw pictures or write names on the kids lunch sandwiches. I've been using icing, but it smears… All those colors would make boring ham sandwiches technicolor tasty!

  71. First of all, I think I'd like to move into this store for a few days so I could just take it all in! As for the markers, I'd love to decorate cakepops and cookies, definitely – maybe to turn them into place cards…

  72. AMAZING!!
    i'd try them out on a huge cake!

  73. i would definitely use them on cake pops. i just started making them and love them and would love to be able to write on them! thank you!

  74. I would love to write on the kids' toast in the morning or on a sandwich packed in their lunch. The cookies and cupcakes, of course, go without saying. ;-)

    Love your blog! :-)

  75. I'd love to try them on cakepops. I bought some not so good pens for my Easter pops and they didn't work at all. I need some good ones so everything looks as pretty as it should.

  76. Wow, that store is amazing! I have got to find one around here to visit. My only question is: How do you leave? They would have to drag me out at closing time! LOL I would make cake pops just to be able to use those markers – very cool. Thanks for a great blog!

  77. I have wanted to try making the cake pops forever. I think those fancy pens would finally motivate me to give it a try.

  78. I have a cheap set that my kids draw on pop-tarts with. I'd love to have a set of my own (NO KIDS!) so I can use them on cupcakes and cake pops.

  79. hmm… i'm thinking cookies. though since you mentioned potato chips, i'd probably have to try those too!!

  80. I love all the colors! I'd love to try them out on some cake pops!

  81. Cake pops and/or cookies! And ooooh, I want to come shopping with you! What a GREAT shop! I'd have ADD so badly if I went in there…"Look! Molds! Oh, wait, over there! Foil! Ooooh! Treat bags and bo…oooh! Something shiny!" LOL

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  82. How cute is that store?? I think I might be able to browse in there for house! I would LOVE to make a wii cake for my husband and my first anniversary, since these ( were our cake toppers for our wedding! In any case, what a great store!

  83. I would definitely try them out in the fall when I ice Steelers jersey sugar cookies — way easier to write on names and numbers than icing them!

  84. I would use those pens on my kitties. They already lick each other a lot; maybe this would make it more fun for them.

  85. Definitely cake pops! Thanks for sharing your awesome place to shop for all of your goodies.

  86. That store is ammmmmmazing!

    I would LOVE to try those markers on cupcakes!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  87. Oh YOWZA! I could go crazy in a store like that! I've been dying to try out cake pops, and I'd love to draw little faces on them, my daughters would love that! Oh! Even better, I'll let my 4yo decorate them!

  88. Fun!! Cupcakes for sure! Thanks Bakerella :)

  89. I would try them out on some cake pops and maybe some sugar cookies! You do such cute things!


  90. Gonna make cupcakes!

  91. I'd probably try them out on cakepops–they seem really easy to use!

  92. I would like to experiment more with cake pops!

  93. i would definitely use them on cupcakes!

  94. Definitely on Cake Pops!!

  95. I would try them on Cake Pops. We made some special ones for my son (dietary restrictions) and it would be fun to dress them up even more!

  96. ve your blog! I wish I had all that talent! That place is amazing and the possibilities are endless! Is there one in New York? Oh my! And those markers are freaking awesome! The endless possibilities! I have tried my hand at your cake pops, I made brownie bites too! not as cute as yours, but this would make decorating far more easier! Thanks for such awesome giveaways!

  97. I use fondant accents in a lot of my cake decorating. I need these pens like all the time!

  98. I want to try the cakepops in the worst way….

  99. ooooh you are so lucky to be able to actually walk through that store! Thanks for all the pics!
    If I win the pens, I will turn my kids loose on some sugar cookies, or cake pops if I'm extra motivated (:

  100. I would let my 3 year old daughter try them on sugar cookies. She loves a good project and I love to encourage her!

  101. Hmm.. they may be fun on some truffles! I'm getting married next year, and I'm sure I could come up with some clever use for them!

  102. CAKE POPS!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. I'd use them to sketch on fondant-covered cupcakes :) What fun!

  104. Wow! Those gigantic chunks of caramel looked TASTY! Mmmmmm. I love the pens, those would be sooooo cool on cupcakes. My 10 year old is learning to cook and bake so we have been trying all kinds of things! (We even made the Father's Day cupcake/brownie/sugar cookie "burger and fries"!)

  105. I'm just about ready to try the cakepops for the first time and am dying to have these markers so I can get busy decorating. I have a 10 month old and one on the way, so I'm about to be really busy with birthdays, etc.!! I'm trying to get ahead of the game and learn how to make your fun creations! I think it would also be fun to use the markers on fruits and veggies to make them more appealing to children!

  106. Wow. I love these. I'd use them on cake pops to make cutey little faces.
    Love the blog!
    abmielke at shaw dot ca

  107. I want to try them out on the grooms cake (fishing cake by the way) that I'm making for our reception!

  108. I would use them with my two little boys on cupcakes or a special cake for family or friends. Sara

  109. I would definitely use them on cookies, but should try to do cake pops again so that I can better succeed.

  110. I would use them for Hello Kitty cake pops for my daughter's birthday

  111. I wouldn't even know where to begin with them – most likely cupcakes though!

  112. Oh my gosh!! I think I'd try the markers on cakepops or sugar cookies!! Too cool!!

  113. My goodness, the possibilities are endless. Edible ink…what will they think of next? Candy molds in the shape of fish? Boy, that will be the day! As far as uses for the pens, I would probably draw on absolutely everything before I eat it! And just imagine labeling food before putting it on the table! "This is Lasagna," "This is Macaroni Salad," etc. People will never wonder at potlucks again!

  114. So wish there was a store like that where I live!! I would definitely use them on cake pops!

  115. I just tried cupcake pops and mini cupcakes last week. I was really wishing that I had some pens, at the time, but, would settle for winning some now! I would be in s-o-o-o-o much trouble if I visited this store!! Thanks for the chance to win!


  116. So cute!


  117. Well, I love these type of posts, because I've never ever seen anything like this before. We don't have these type of stores that is for sure. I would love to have these, because I have tried (and failed) to make cake pops, and with these pens, I could doll them up a bit!

  118. Cakepops, for sure.

    We made some with our youth at church and they couldn't get enough of it! I think we'll have to do it again….

  119. I would love to use them on cupcakes and cookies!! So fun!

  120. That store is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!

    I would use those pens on my cake pops! My family and friends LOVE them. You're a genius.

    lesashby at gmail dot com

  121. CakePops for the office!

  122. Oooh i would decorate sugar cookies.

  123. I would tryy them on cakepops !!

  124. Oooh I would decorate sugar cookies.

  125. I would use them for cakepops or cupcakes or my babe's first birthday in next couple of months. Fun!!

  126. I'd love to make fun cupcakes with these!

  127. My daughter's first birthday is coming up in July and the theme is cupcakes and I NEED these pens. I've been looking for them locally and had no luck at all.

    amycwilson (at) msn (dot) com

  128. I never knew these existed before visiting your blog. I would use them on Cake or cupcake pops!! :)

  129. Those look amazing!! I wish I had a store near me that was stocked like that…or maybe not I might go broke just stocking up. Hope I win!! Love your blog. Did the Father's Day treats and turned out amazing…so easy. Thanks for the template it was the perfect touch and I am sure I will use it again. Lori from Canada

  130. I wished I lived there! I am horribly jealous of all you have to choose from!

    I have never used the edible pens but your blog has made me curious. I would like to try them with cookies and full size cakes for those little details!

  131. I've been trying out shortbread cookie recipes and different decorating techniques so that's what I'd use the markers on.

  132. I am going to have to make a road trip just to go to that store! I would use the pens for cakepops and cupcakes mostly. But who knows- potato chips are always an option!

  133. I definitely want to try something creative with cake balls… maybe these markers would help me think of something fun and different!

  134. I recently bought some of the black ones to try out and I loved it! I made Thomas cupcakes and used them for the details on the face. Such a hit. I would LOVE the whole set. I'm pretty sure I'd start out using them on cupcakes. Oh the possibilities!

  135. Hm…I'd use them in a lot of things. Cupcakes or cookies mainly.

  136. I am making Coraline cake pops for my goddaughter's birthday. These would be lovely because even though I live in a relatively large city, we don't have any cake or candy supply stores. Can you believe that!?

  137. I do agility with my dogs and when they do well, I always take a treat to class. I'd love to try and make either a cupcake with a "Q" on it or a cookie with fondant that I can write my dogs achievement on it. Too much fun and the possibilities are endless!

    This store would be the death of my bank account!

  138. I would try them out on cake pops!

  139. Sandwiches for lunches!

  140. I want to make some really fun, detailed cake pops!!!

  141. I think this might just be enough to push me into cake-pop-making mode!!

  142. I'd love to try them on cupcakes. They look like such fun! :)


  143. I would love to try them on the cake pops.

  144. I think these would be so cool to use with my preschool class when we decorate sugar cookies. I can just imagine the cute little stick figures with giant heads that might appear!

    tma123 at hotmail dot com

  145. I want to try them on anything. cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, cakes, etc…

  146. I would love to try the pens on cupcakes – oooohhh, the possibilities …

  147. Oh my gosh! I wish we had a store like this in Australia! It's incredibly hard to find decorating supplies of that caliber here!

    Love your blog, oh so much.


  148. These would be so fun!
    Definitely on cupcakes/pops & cookies…are hard-boiled eggs gross?…maybe…
    I'm so envious of the shop!

  149. I'd definitely use these on cake pops and cupcakes. I love how they look on the fondant.

  150. Those look so much better than the basic ones I bought at a craft store. I'd use them on some more cakepops as I try to get better at them. Made the Easter chick ones and they were cute.

  151. Cookies, and cupcakes, and big cakes, and cakepops, and….mashed potatoes?

  152. I would use them on cake pops. The markers I bought at the craft store last year just didn't work.

  153. oh! I'd have to try them out on cookies! especially since I just got some new cutters too!

    jamayor33 at cox dot net

  154. I just brought some fondant so these would come in very handy.

  155. What a fabulous store. I wish we had one. An idea for the cocoa butter. We ordered cocoa butter once to mix with powdered food coloring to paint on white chocolate Easter bunnies we molded. I would have loved to have the markers to color the bunnies instead of painting them. I would also make the kids the smiley face cake pops that they have been begging for and I haven't figured out how to do the faces with something else and I can't pipe to save my life.

  156. My little girl is having her first birthday soon, my wife could make an awesome cake/cupcakes with these.

  157. Thank you for opening my eyes to that store! i went after your last post about it and spent about 2 hours there!

    as far as then pans, i would defiantly use them on some game day cookies! (war eagle!)

  158. Oh, please pick me! These would have saved my daughter's b-day cake. Most of it turned out really well, but when I tried to pipe a bunch of words on fondant, it kind of ruined the whole thing.


    I would love the chance to experiment with these and see what disasters they would save me from in the future!

  159. I've been meaning to buy my own set of edible markers but everytime i go to the store i end up splurging on everything else. lately, i've been making a lot of personalized/custom cakes and cupcakes so these markers would come in real handy.

    btw, i absolutely LOVE your work!

  160. I'm so in need of these! I bought some really crappy ones from Hobby Lobby because that was all they had and I was so disappointed. I'd use them on cake pops.

  161. I just bought some new cookie cutters (apple and butterfly) so I'd love to use the pens for little decorating details. Thanks :)

  162. I definitely could use these pens! I'm making jungle theme cupcakes for my sister's baby shower in July. These would help a lot so I wouldn't have to pipe on the faces.

  163. I'd try them out on cookies – I love making cutout shortbread cookies and decorating them!

  164. I would definitely use them for cake pops and cupcakes!

  165. I have been wondering where to get those. I would use them on cakepops for an upcoming birthday.

    cgnewkirk at gmail dot com

  166. I would go crazy writing on Cake pops and fondant and Cheez-its. Maybe not the last one.

  167. Those pens look so much better than the ones I bought to use on the chick cake balls I made for Easter.

    I would love to use those on many different ideas you have supplied!

  168. on cupcakes and cookies. LOVE this store!

  169. I have been dying to try some of your cakepop ideas! With those markers, I wouldn't have any excuse not to. :)

  170. I would love to try them out on cake pops!

  171. Hmmm, imagine the possibilities!! We just hosted a Cupcake Saturday! Pop by and check it out on my site or on Saucy's at

  172. I want to try making cake pop like yours and use them for the cute little faces. It's so hard to find stuff out here in Australia though, I might have to resort to using them on fondant covered sugar cookies (but that's still fine with me!)…
    thatsagoodmeatball at yahoo dot com

  173. I'd love to use them to decorate cookies- even my 2 year old could help!

  174. oh how fun!!! i remember using your black one to draw a smiley face at P. W.'s cake pop party!! :)

    i would love to try them with the cake pops…we're planning a party at the church!

  175. I LOVE cupcakes and would have a blast drawing on them before I devour them up!! :)

  176. I forgot to leave a way to contact!

  177. Wow these look like they come out great on baked goodies!! I would love to try them on cupcakes and cookies!!

  178. I would use them on cupcakes for my two-year-old's birthday party. I love this!

    michelle.aller at

  179. I would use the pens to decorate sugar cookies… celebrate the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup. Yeah!!!!

  180. I would love to use these on some sugar cookies!

  181. you are amazing! Thank you for always sharing your tips and tricks.

    I would love to try the pens on some cakepops.

  182. Uuurgh too bad I live in indonesia and can't enter the giveaway but anyway I'd love to use them on white fondant topped cupcakes and draw monsters or freak creatures on it, with edible pen I could go detail.

    Fyi, edible inks are very rare in indonesia and the last time I saw it, it was wilton's and too expensive so mom didn't allow me to buy it :(

    I wish I lived in america, the land of cupcakes :D

  183. Wow! I want to go to this store! I would use the pens for several things. Cupcakes would be a must. I just recently saw a cheesecake that was decorated with these. That fascinated me also!

  184. I would use them to write beautiful designs on my tongue. I would actually use them on any sort of dessert that popped into my head. I like to eat… alot.

  185. I'm a longtime lurker and a first time commenter but I would love to win these! I'm just a poor college student so I really don't have the money to go out and buy all this stuff for myself so winning them would be great. :) As for what I would use them for, I would looooooove to try cakepops! I see so many cute ones on your blog that I want to try them all!

  186. These look soooo cool! I've been wanting to try out fondant for a while now and these would be perfect to decorate them!
    molliewobbles at gmail dot com

  187. I would use them to create custom wedding treats for our upcoming wedding! The possibilities are endless! :)

  188. That store is OUT OF THIS WORLD AWESOME!!

    How do you keep from going broke?

    If I had the pens… which I love… I would definately use them on cake pops! I love those cake pops!

  189. I would love to try out the markers on sugar cookies! I know my kids would get a big kick out of them and they are nearly impossible to find up here.

  190. I would decorate some cake pops with them.


  191. I've been wanting to try covering cupcakes with fondant… so writing on them would make it even more fun!

  192. I think I would leave funny messages on in my daughter's lunch! "I love you" on the banana would surely get a giggle out of her!

  193. These would be so much fun to use on iced cookies!

  194. I would love to try them on cookies!

  195. First off I would write, doodle, and draw on various foods hoping to get my 3yr old non-eater interested in eating something!

    Second I would get to work on some cakepops :-)

    erica dot rubin at gmail dot com

  196. I'd try them out on cake pops/balls. I've made them twice now with my own cake (the cake part only from a jelly roll recipe), and have had a hard time not eating them all myself!

    Or I'd draw stuff on any other treat I give my almost-five year old in her school lunch bag. Or let her decorate them herself!

    (I made your "burgers" the other day … such a neat idea!)


  197. I would love to try them on cookies for my husband or cupcakes for my son's first birthday in a few monthsl

  198. I would use them on cake pops or cupcakes, I can't decide! Maybe both… :)

  199. Awesome post, I wish there was a store around here like that. I would love to use these for cake-pops. I was going to do baseballs for my husband's birthday.

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