I went to get a few groceries and found this looking back at me. This is the coolest thing. I couldn’t wait to show you. More about it soon… once I stop pinching myself.

P.S. I don’t usually have my camera handy when I’m buying butter, but I thought it might come in handy this time.

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504 comments on “Peek-a-boo”

  1. I subscribe to the Betty Crocker magazine and when I got this issue, I immediately searched online for the book. I got it in the mail on Monday and I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to make my first cake pops! :)

  2. totaly went out and got it right!!
    It is amazing, can’t wait to get my hands on your book..
    Good on ya!!

  3. I saw these today at our grocery store! So happy for you!

  4. Yay! way to go and congratulations! That is awesome!

  5. I saw this at Walmart yesterday!! So excited for you.

  6. How cool! Congrats! I will have to see if it’s on the shelves here…
    So cool…
    Melissa :-)

  7. Your book just arrived from Amazon. It’s fantastic. I can’t wait to take it to work and share. We’re all addicted to your site. A group of us want to get together for a cake pop party.

    So have you thought of trying to make the penguins of madagascar? Wouldn’t they make the cutest pops?

  8. My mom sent this to me today! I am super excited and I can’t wait to make the Pumpkin Cake pops!!!

  9. I bought my copy at target yesterday! I can’t wait to try these pumpkin cuties!!

  10. OMG! That is sooooo Cool! Congrats!

  11. The first thing that caught my eye when I was standing in line to pay at Meijers…was the pumpkin pop..and I thought..Oh my gosh…this is just like the ones Bakerella makes. When I pulled the little book up ….THEN I SAW YOUR PIC….of course I bought one. Lots of other good stuff in this cook book!

  12. CONGRATULATIONS! You are on a roll! Enjoy the ride!

  13. did you pick one up for little ol aussie ME ????? lol could you sign it also !!!!!!

    congrats………did everyone look at you in the supermarket??????

  14. That’s fabulous! I’m smiling for you!

  15. when does this come out, i havent seen it!!??

  16. I saw it at the store today too – YAY!

  17. any more recipes for us?

  18. congratulations! it’s so cool!

  19. that’s so cool!


  21. What about Arizona?

  22. SOOOO EXCITING!! Congratulations!

  23. Just bought your book. Excited to make something fun for my son’s first birthday on the eve of halloween. Thanks.

  24. I got this as soon as it hit the shelves. These little things are fantastic! The creative possibilities are endless.

  25. Awesome, you deserve all the recognition you’re getting!

  26. I bought this, then came home to your book on my doorstep :)

  27. Awesome! When I was a kid I used to beg my mom to buy these books in line at the market instead of begging for gum or candy (strange, I know!)

  28. Congratulations! I just received mine in the mail and was excited to see you in it with some of your recipes because I love following your blog. You do kick-ass stuff!!

  29. waaaay cool!!!!

    congrats on the success! you are an inspiration!

  30. I bought it on Tuesday and was surprised to see you inside !!!!
    Congratulations !!!

  31. That is great!! Congratulations! My husband and I love thumbing through those books at the grocery store. I know what I’m buying next time I go to the grocery store! :)

  32. Very cool!!!! I will look for it at the store.

  33. I know!!! I saw this too! First I saw the cake pops and thought “Who’s ripping off Bakerella’s idea?” LOL! Then I picked it up and saw you on it! Congratulations! Very happy your talent is getting noticed!

  34. Tienes mucho talento y te mereces estar en todas las revistas de repostería
    Angie hurtado

  35. I saw this at the store, grabbed it and squealed at my kids, “Look who it is!!!” The three of them just looked at me with blank stares. I think I actually heard crickets. I then showed them the cake pops and they got excited, lol.

  36. AWESOME!!

    I went grocery shopping with my Mom last night and bought one of these in the checkout! I’d never even heard of this magazine before, but I was so excited to see you and your cake pops on there I just had to have it!

    Can’t wait to try out all these recipes <3

  37. So totally cool! You are such an inspiration to me….gotta go to the grocery store now!!!

  38. wow!

  39. Congrats Bakerella,
    You are so awesome and inspiring. When I saw this I was like “OMG I follow that ladies blog.” I had to buy this right then and there. Can’t wait to get your cake pops book!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  40. I recently saw your new book on a feature table in Barnes and Noble – how awesome is that?!? =D Congrats!!

  41. congrats. I know you must be EXCITED. May all the best continue to come your way

  42. I couldn’t help myself…had to buy a copy when I was in line @ the grocery last night….can’t wait to try them all!

  43. Hi!
    I wanted to buy this and went on the betty crocker website and couldn’t find it. I live in Michigan and didn’t see it at the grocery store or bookstores. I really want to make those cake pops for a Halloween party! They are too cute!

  44. I just got my cookbook and I have to say I squalled when I saw the UPS man carrying that Barnes & Noble box. Thank you so much for inspiring me. I haven’t been able to put the book down yet. The colors and pictures are fabulous!

  45. Definitely cool. I wish your tour was coming as far north as Boston!

  46. I just bought it at Sam’s Club last night! Lots of new and familiar Bakerella stuff!

    Angie, do you still work outside your home, non-baking related?

  47. awesome! your pops always come out so perfectly!!! how many do you think you’ve created at this point in your lifetime??? ha ha ha.

  48. I’m so happy for you that all these wonderful things are happening! I am sad, however, to learn that the books I have already purchased for Christmas gifts, will not be eligible for autographs at Williams Sonoma. I think it is really shortsighted of them to restrict the signing to books purchased only in their stores! Don’t they realize that everyone who comes to meet you will be shopping??? Now I want to boycott their stores. It’s just not very ‘customer service friendly’ in my opinion. I know as a retailer myself, I would gladly welcome any and all ‘book holders’ to come get their books signed. I know by doing that, there would be happy customers in my store…and would probably shop with me, as well.

  49. I saw it yesterday at the Grocery Store! It was like running into a friend in line! How exciting it was I giggled and said out loud “good for you”! Almost bought just because of you! Then I realized I have that recipe in my computer. Neat!

  50. Woah so cool. x3
    But you didn’t know they were placing it in the magazine?
    Is that even legable? D:

    But awesome! I really want that book of yours x3

    Love from the Netherlands x

  51. So happy for your. Saw you mentioned in a magazine, not sure which one, maybe Woman’s Day.

  52. oh man i have got to go find one!

  53. Just wanted to drop by and say I was able to look through your book yesterday (finally). You have so many creative ideas, I’m just trying to think when I will find the time to try them all. You did an awesome job- hopefully your book’s success will encourage you to write another one very soon. P.S.- You should come visit Kansas City, MO for a book signing!

  54. Congratulations again! You are simply amazing! :D

  55. I saw this when I went to the bookstore after buying some groceries, and of course I bought it!

  56. LOVE it..bought it last night @ Publix :)

  57. I went to buy groceries two day ago and I always look at the magazines stand. I saw your picture and you were sitting in my shopping cart right away.I went home and showed my husband who is taking me to the book signing : ) so happy for you!

  58. I saw this at my local supermarket too and gave an excited grin when I saw your picture!!! Kudos to you!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!

  59. Super cool!! Love your site!

  60. Congratulation Bakerella! It’s about time you got the success you deserve!

  61. I LOVE IT! and the more frequent blog posts! You Rock!

  62. that is just awesome, congrats on everything :D

  63. I bought this yesterday—very cool!!!

  64. oh wow! Congrats! I’m sooo excited for you! You deserve it! BTW, I LOVE the book! Great job!

  65. Totally saw it at Albertsons the other day!!!

  66. wow!!! that’s so cool!!

  67. Yay! I’m so excited for you. My book got mailed to my parents’ house. I can’t wait to check it out. Also want to thank you for the video tutorial. It so helpful. I’m excited for the weekend to start so I can get baking!

  68. That is AWESOME! YOU are AWESOME! Yay!

  69. yahooo, i bought the magazine tonight after work… it was proudly sitting there in the check out aisle. love it! all the recipes inside look amazing. congrats on making it on the cover. :)

  70. Just picked up my copy today!!!

  71. Awesome! I picked up a copy tonight :)

  72. Congratulations, that’s awesome!!

  73. That is so awesome! MyBlogSpark had me take a survey on this issue’s cover, but I picked the one with a full picture of you holding a cake pop. I guess this one was the winner lol. Congrats to you!

  74. Congrats–can’t wait to pick one up!

  75. Oh my cool is that ? ! Love the pumpkins, especially with a big bite taken out of it.

  76. how exciting!!! I’m gonna make sure I get one next time I go shopping!!!

  77. Wow, that is totally awesome. I am off to buy one tomorrow.

  78. Way to go, girl!

  79. you absolutely rock my kitchen world! I love everything you do and love trying to get even close to your amazing creations!

  80. OMG!! Congrats!! I mean the Martha segment was huge but this is soo exciting! I can’t wait to check out the book!!!!

  81. Bakerella’s Cake Pops was also noted in the October Family Circle! Congrats!

  82. Hello! I had to go to several book stores yesterday to find your book, but it was well worth it! The book is simply fabulous! Even my husband enjoys helping me roll out the cake balls, although he probably eats just as many as he rolls out! I can’t wait for you to release another book! Your ideas are so inspiring!

  83. So fabulous! Congratulations! And I am so excited – your beautiful book just arrived today. First treat I’ve gotten for myself in a long time. Can’t wait to dive in. Thanks for all your inspiring adorableness (that should be a word)!

  84. I love cake pops. And I love your website. And I bought this today at the grocery store! So cute!!!

  85. Congratulations! I’m so happy for your success!!

  86. I was so excited when I saw it, I bought one immediately and then received another one in the mail. So I shared it with a friend.

  87. Congrats!!! You deserve it!

  88. Just saw this at the grocery store! Congrats on having 10 Fall recipes inside! They all look amazing!

  89. my mom saw this when we were checking out, thinking it was a copier. then i picked it up and saw it was you! going to be getting a copy next paycheck!

  90. Wooow Felicidades!!
    Buscare la revista en Mexico

  91. Congratulations !!!! I´m very happy for you, I hope I can get one, I live in Mexico.

  92. Congrats!! Your creativity and hard work are taking you places. As well as providing wonderful baking ideas for us all.

  93. Hurray!!! Finally something worthwhile at the checkout that will lift my spirits before the cashier tells me the bad news of my food bill!!! BRAVO!! I am so proud of you even though I don’t really know you. If you are coming to Ontario, Canada I would love to meet you and show you around :-)
    Lori from Port Perry, Ontario, Canada

  94. i saw this the other day in the check out aisle and thought to myself that you are about to hit the “Big Times” once your book hits the racks!!!!

  95. OMG HOW AWESOME!!! I expect to see your face more often! Cake pops are AMAZING!!

    Can’t wait to get my book in!!! In eth mean while I think I’ll go get that Betty Crocker Mini Mag to make Halloween Pops with my runts!

    Congrats again! You deserve all the publicity!!

  96. Hi, congratulations I LOVE cake pops is magnific idea.

  97. Super exciting!!!

  98. My copy of CakePops arrived yesterday and today ,while doing my weekly Target shopping I came across the Betty Crocker magazine with your wonderful cakepops right on the cover….SCORE!!!
    Tonite I may surprise the fam and bake yummy cowgirls cookies!

    Thanks Bakerella!!!

  99. I sure hope your pumpkin pie bites are in there because they are THE BOMB. My daughter can’t wait for me to make them this season!!

  100. Got your book today! YAY! So excited! Going shopping for supplies today and trying my first batch tomorrow. Can’t wait!

  101. I saw this today when I was in WalMart with my mom and I was like “Mom, that’s her! Remember the book signing I told you I wanted to go to and the cheesecake bites I made the other week?” She didn’t really care, but she’s weird anyway. Congratulations on all your success.

  102. I saw it at the grocery store over the weekend. My hubby thought I was weird when I got all excited.

  103. How exciting!! I can’t wait to see it at my local store.

  104. Woohoo! Super fun, I love that magazine!

  105. OMG, I saw this the other day when I was at the store trying to find 3 oz. sugar free orange jello. I was in line and I was like, “hey those look like cake pops…I make those all the time!” Then I look more closely and was thinking…this lady looks familar and sure enough…it’s you!!
    Love it! Great job!

  106. That is awesome! I love your cake pops, make them for my daycare kids, they think they are so special! Thanks, love your site too!

  107. Just picked up my copy at the commissary! I saw the cake pops and then saw your face and thought yay!! Can’t wait to try some recipes. :)

  108. Yeah, I work in Walmart and I saw this when they put it out. Thought those looked awfully familiar… XD Grats.

  109. YAY! Congrats that is so great! I made your “fast food fun” burger cupcakes for a Labor Day cookout with our neighbors over the weekend then changed the theme to happy birthday for my dad the next day. What a huge hit. Everybody loved taking pictures of them and eating them!! Thank you for sharing your idea. I love your site.

  110. I saw it and thought it was cool that I recognized you…….

  111. Picked up a copy at the grocery store this morning and got the ingredients for the Chocolate Zucchini cupcakes…waiting patiently for my “Cake Pops” book to come from Amazon! :)

  112. Fabulous! I subscribe to this cooking magazine and it was this picture and recipe that enticed me to order your new book from Amazon. Can’t wait to try making my own “cake pops”!!

  113. So Awesome! I got my Cake Pop book yesterday, and it just so pretty, and the pics are awesome, I can’t wait to make them..ALL. :)

  114. Congratulations! I also saw a shout out to you in the October issue of Family Circle on page 13. You go girl!

  115. Super COOL!! I am for sure gonna get out and get me one!

  116. LOVE IT Bella! Congrats!!!!!

  117. How cool! Wish I could buy that here in the Netherlands.
    I love baking but we don’t have a baking magazine (I like baking more than cooking, :) )

  118. That is the coolest! I imagine it’s a kin to when a musician hears her song on the radio for the first time. :-)

  119. You take the cutest photo!!!!

  120. its a never ending journey of surprises for you bakerella!!! im soo happy for you :)

  121. I just saw this cover this morning and loved it. You totally make me so giddy about baking and decorating, that I want to make something just because… :). Congrats on all your success!

  122. I was so excited to see this on the newsstand yesterday – I showed it off to my family (like I personally know you or something). Wish you were coming to Phonix for a book signing – maybe on your second round?

  123. congrats on all the great new publishing!
    i cant wait to find my copy at the grocery store this week!

    quick question:
    how long do the pops last for? do i need to freeze them? i want to make them as party favors but not sure how early i can make them and how long i can keep them for.
    any answers would be great!

  124. Congratulations – you are so special and talented.

  125. Congrats! You’re a cover girl! Well deserved (and just plain fun!)

    My copy of your book just arrived from Amazon. Please excuse me now, I must go drool on the cuteness!

    Seriously, love your blog – thanks for all the inspiration! Wishing you much success and happiness with it all!

  126. I saw that yesterday at Wal*Mart while I was desperately seeking Count Chocula. Too cute!

  127. Yay! I got your book yesterday and ended up falling asleep with it in my bed! Ha ha. It is so cool to see my ” cyber friends” (my favorite bloggers) getting famous! Congratulations!!

  128. Buying this today at work!

  129. i went and bought your book this morning at barnes and noble!!!!!

  130. Such an exciting time for you! Congrats! You inspire me on a weekly basis!

  131. Congratulations! You deserve it! Thanks for all your creativity. I can’t wait to get my book! It’s in the mail right now. My sis and I are going to make Cake Pops for the Winter Solstice when she’s in town. Woo Hoo!

  132. WOW!! Have to make some orange ones now!

  133. Congrats, Cover Girl! Your pops are ALWAYS beautiful! I loved your “P.S.” :) No need to justify carrying your camera to the store with me ~ my camera is always in my bag since I started Project 365! :) Truly love your work – keep them coming! :)

  134. I went to thr grocery store to buy ice cream last night and I saw it and tossed it in my cart! I was sooo excited!!

  135. YAY!!!! You’re doing it!! Nice job!

  136. I almost flipped my stinkin’ lid when I saw this. I work at a grocery store and ran around exclaiming to all my fellow employees “I READ HER BLOG, I READ HER BLOG!!!” :)

  137. So incredibly happy for you! You deserve this ALL!
    I was at Publix yesterday and I happen to pick this up and there you were! Ahhh! It is now at home waiting for me to explore. So excited!
    Again, way to go!

  138. Just bought this last night and am making the mini pumpkin bites this weekend. They look great! Plus my cakepops book will be here by then too can’t wait wish you were coming to Grand Rapids,MI : )

  139. I love the cover and the magazine. Congratulations! I am so excited for you.

  140. In your excitement while cashing out did you point to the magazine and tell the cashier, “That’s me!” ?!? I totally would have! :-) Congrats!

  141. I saw this the other day and showed my husband all excited…he thought I was crazy. :)

  142. Congrats! I saw it in the store a few days ago and thought it was adorable!

  143. GET OUT!!! That is so cool! My sister and I buy these little Betty Crocker baking books for Fall and the holidays every year… I am extra excited to know that you are on the cover of this one! Can’t wait to pick one up soon! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  144. You know you’ve made it when you are on the cover of a Betty Crocker recipe book. Congrats!!

  145. How cool is that?!

  146. Congratulations!!!! I preordered your book and received it yesterday. Love it! love it!!!

    But I am sad because your book signing in Atlanta will be on a ay when I will be at a conference :(

  147. Congratulations! You deserve it all :)

  148. Congrats!! We bought it the instant we saw it and have already baked a few things from it!

    We are all cheering on your success from here…”Go Bakerella!!” and thank you for all your creative imaginings!

  149. I saw this last week at the store…soo cool!!! congrats!!

  150. Hip hip horray!

  151. Congratulations!!

  152. Any chance someone could buy an extra copy for me, I will pay for it plus postage to Australia!! And I want a Cake Pop book too… please!! I can return the favour wherever possible (I think the Planet Cake books are popular worldwide, and they’re easy for me to get, plus they’ve just released a new Planet Cake Cupcake book as well).

    Please email me at if you can help :)

    Congrats again Bakerella, you have done so well to be known around the world, no wonder you need to pinch yourself xo

  153. WOW WOW WOW!!! I am so happy for you! Congratulations on all the successes lately. Well deserved!

  154. Congratulations! I wish we had that magazine in Australia, it looks cool!

  155. WAHOO!!!! That’s awesome. I have so enjoyed following your blog over the years and seeing this all unfold. Way to go!

  156. WOWWWW!!!!!! Stellar! Soo you know I’m going to purchase that copy right??? I’m so excited for you!!!

  157. i know i dont actually know you, but i have to say that i am just soooo proud of you! *hugs*

  158. Oh, Bakerella! I know we have never met, but I am just as excited for you as if we were bestest friends! I love seeing all the exciting things you are doing. I’m sure it feels surreal. Congratulations on all of your successes!

  159. very cool!!!

  160. That is TOTALLY awesome. I can’t imagine your reaction when you saw it! You deserve the very best ! CONGRATS!

  161. Love it!! Already picked it up!!

  162. This is amazing! Congrats you deserve it!

  163. I just have to say that I think you are the luckiest gal alive. You are doing what you love and having a blast. This Ga. peach wishes I could follow suite…..Keep up the good work :)

  164. Very cool. Just love those pumpkin cake pops. I’m on the search for the BC magazine.

  165. I saw this in the grocery store yesterday and was so excited!! Congratulations!

  166. Yeah!! Congrats!!

    Melissa from Naches, WA

  167. This is awesome! Congratulations on all your accomplishment and I wish you and your team all the best in the years to come!

  168. How cool is that?! Way cool!!!

  169. Whoo hoo!! Congrats!

  170. I am so happy for you, congrads!!! I have to run out to the store today and buy a copy. And I absolutly love Halloween so what a perfect issue. Keep up the grand work. :-)

  171. I too am so excited for you and I too don’t even know you! I do know one thing…you seem to be such a down-to-earth-gal! I wish you all the very best in your adventures. I am waiting now for Amazon to deliver my Cake Pops Cookbook anyday. You go girl!!!

  172. I got to vote for which cover Betty Crocker would use and for voting they sent me a copy in the mail for FREE!! I got it about 2 weeks ago…I think! Congrats!

  173. awww how WAY COOL is THAT?!? congrats! give yourself a BIG pat on your back! you deserve it! xoxo

  174. Really??? Congrats – that’s so awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!
    You are a famous rock star!

  175. Congrats to you Bakerella. Going to the store today and will get one. So happy for you. Paulette

  176. Your on the cover Woohoo!! Lovely pictures too!

    Congratulations! :D :D


  177. You’re awesome. Congrats!

  178. I noticed one at my local grocery store last week! :) The cake pops on the cover drew my attention :) Wonder why?
    So happy for you!!

  179. I got my copy yesterday and spent all night planning which recipe to make first. Yay for fall baking!

  180. All of your hard work and kindness is rightfully paying off. I wish you continued success and happiness. I have saved everyone of your instructional e-mails since I first saw you on Martha. I can’t wait to get your book! Hugs

  181. w/in the last week i was referred over to your site and fell in love w/your ideas – am planning to make my first cake pops for my daughter’s 2nd bday next week – and saw this book last night in line at the grocery store! you go, girl! you’re an inspiration to us all! :)

  182. Oh my… how cool is this! To see yourself in a magazine!
    I love your cake pops, they look so cute!!
    Your a such a talented woman!

  183. How exciting for you! Did you ever imagine any of this happening to you? It’s a dream come true!!

  184. I bought this book this past weekend – just a few days after I received not one, but TWO of your Cake Pops books from Amazon! I guess I got so excited about your book that I preordered two copies! Keep up the good work!!

  185. Congrats! I’m so very happy & proud for you. Instant success after years of hard work. Enjoy the limelight. . . Bev

  186. How exciting! I would think kinda weird & freaky at the same time. :P Were you getting hounded for autographs?! *lol*

  187. Wowie, that is impressive and exciting! How cool for you to see that in the store – congrats!

  188. betty crocker & bakerella…both BIGTIME!!! more power to you ;-)

  189. Congrats!!! I am so proud of you !!! Just like you were my own…can’t wait to get my copy of Cake Pops. So……what next Bakerella???? I hold my breath when I open my email from you ! LOL so exciting!

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